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Welcome To Keyzys Vape Blog!

on December 30, 2011

lets start with a little about myself,I’m a 40 something lady who decided to quit smoking.I tried many things to quit and nothing worked.I was feeling like I would die from smoking and I hated it.I found ecigs and everything changed for me.

I havent smoked in almost 3 years.I have no desire to smoke.I feel better physically and my house,person and things smell wonderful.No more ashtray stink! My hair smells like the apple shampoo I used this morning.If you smoke yours doesn’t.

So how to get started.I chose a very simple ecig in the begining.I still use many of their products because they are so easy and they are amazing.I send everyone there to start out.Its Vapor4Life.They sell a simple 2 piece design that anyone can use.

Ecigs come in many styles and flavors and its kinda fun to try different things.My favorite flavors at the moment are Blueberry and Vanilla Mocha Frappe.They also have many tobacco and menthol flavors on the market.I just figure why not have something fruity or chocolate if your going to vape it.

Once you get used to vaping and you want to expand there’s a world of choices out there.Cartomizers and atomizers,fat batts and modified ecigs.Its alot to take in.

You can find a lot of vaping groups on Facebook or you can join a forum.The largest and most popular is  The Ecigarette Forum or ECF.ECF has a wealth of information and support for people making the switch.Ive been a member for a long time and have made many great friends there.New comers are always welcome.They will help you get started and keep you smoke free.

So that’s it! Welcome to my Blog. Come back and visit and I’ll see you in all the cool ecig places on the web.Im Keyzygirl in everything vaping related!



2 responses to “Welcome To Keyzys Vape Blog!

  1. Hey Keyzy! What a cool blog you have here, and already 316 followers! That’s awesome. I look forward to reading more of your posts. 🙂 ^AS

  2. Shawn Marko says:

    Hey I like your blog. Positive energy here! No, you vape on!

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