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So Many Choices

on January 3, 2012

There are so many choices when it comes to vaping. You have to decide what type of PV you want to use. Then pick colors and flavors,battery sizes and attys or cartos. Its a lot to consider. Take a deep breath and relax.

Most vapers start out with a simple cig sized PV.Some are perfectly happy and stick to that while others move on. Once you decide to move on the choices change to voltages and resistance and ohms. I have a hard time with a lot of the techy stuff so I go with trial and error. My first big girl mod was a BB from Altsmokes. It was pink and pretty and it worked great with the cartos and juices I was already using. The only problem I had after a while was battery life.It uses a 14500 battery and I needed a higher mah.

I looked into the Silver Bullet and its bigger,comes in some amazing colors and it uses an 18650 battery. To me that is the perfect 3.7v mod but I didn’t go with that.I realized I needed a higher voltage to keep me off the smokes. I tried a friends 6v and it was to hot for me at that point. So the SB was out and I started looking for a 5v unit.

I could have gone with a VV (variable voltage) mod but Im not into all that delicate electronic stuff. I want my mods to be tough,well-built and sturdy. I tend to be a little rough on things and I needed something that would hold up.

I decided to go with a GLV from Great Lakes Vapor. I love it. It’s a work horse and it comes in a great assortment of colors and styles. I have a pink,a black and a granny apple green in the 5v GLV2. These are my everyday all day PVs.Ive tried a lot of other modified PVs but the GLV is definetly my fav.

I use mostly cartos and I prefer to buy them prefilled so I can just grab one and screw it on and vape. Then I can refill as I go and trash it when it gets yucky.I get mine from V4L. I use attys to test flavors but they are just too much bother for me to use daily. Attys tend to get this horrible burnt taste every few hits that just grosses me out. I couldn’t deal with it.

I’ve tried a lot of different types of  attys. I liked the 801s for flavor but they leaked to much. The 510 are very popular but they always taste burnt to me. 901s are nice but again they can be a bit leaky. The cartos just work better,whichever model type you use. Fill and vape. None of this drip,drip,drip. Everyone is different so feel free to disagree. I totally understand.

Juices are about taste. Taste is subjective. I always hated hearing that,but its the truth. Everyone’s taste buds are different and likes and dislikes are different. It’s about what YOU like.  My tastes seem to change every few months and I go from coffee/chocolate vapes to fruity flavors. The only thing that stays consistent is that I add a little bit of cinnamon flavoring to all my juices. Everything. So its cinnablueberry or cinnacoffee. It just gives it a little extra kick.

Take your time and find your thing.Theres no rush and its a fun ride.Choose your PV/Voltage and carto/atty.Then find a few good juices.Enjoy it and VAPE ON!!


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