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Helping New Ecig Users.

on January 9, 2012

We as vapers really need to help the new users figure it all out. Do your best to be kind and helpful on the forums and ecig users groups. We need to make new people feel comfortable so they are not afraid to ask questions. The more people we get involved the bigger force we are to be reckoned with. All members are needed.

Everyone has something to contribute. You may be a techy that can answer the hard questions or maybe you know where all the good deals are.Some people help with DIY and others just find the humor and make us giggle. We need all of it.

I have seen a few vapers act rudely to others because they didn’t like the constant questions or the types of questions they were asking. Walk away. The rule should always be If you can’t say something nice,Dont say anything at all. I really don’t see any reason or excuse for being rude to other vapers. We are all here to learn. If you think your to smart or to important to be nice to people then find a group of like-minded vapers and hang with them. Dont make others deal with it.

Most vapers are happy to help.We are amazed at how easy it was to quit smoking and want everyone to try the ecig to quit. They will help you find a kit that will work for your needs and recommend juices. Most want you to have an easy and stress free switch from smoking to ecigs. Post your questions and have no fear.People are waiting to help you find your way.

Ecigs have become a hobby and an addiction for a lot of us. We love to talk about it. If your new and trying to figure it out,just ask. Ask away! There are always concerned and helpful vapers waiting to help. We would love for you to become one of us.

Help out and VAPE ON!!


3 responses to “Helping New Ecig Users.

  1. Sea Wolf says:

    Love your blog and advice Keyzy!
    There are so many genuinely friendly and helpful vapers out there.

  2. Awesome post. Thank you and i will be checking back.

  3. very nice post, i certainly love this website, keep on it

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