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Can We Do It ? Yes We Can !

on January 15, 2012

Do you ever feel like giving up with ecigs? Like it would just be easier or feel better to just smoke a cigarette? I feel like this sometimes. I just refuse to give in. I remember what it was like to wake up in the morning congested and coughing. I remember smelling like smoke and hoping nobody would notice.I remember my kids turning away when I kissed them because my breath smelled gross like cigarettes. Never,I will never smoke again.

Do you also feel sometimes that you have been on this ecig mission to long. Fighting the good fight to keep our beloved ecigs legal and available. When we started the fight we were few and it mattered. Everyone had to help or it wouldn’t work. We had to stick together and fight the evil FDA for our rights. It was a true battle. Feel like someone else should fight now? There are so many of us. Let someone else fight. That wont work. It will take all of us. Every single vaper needs to stand up and be heard. It will take every single one of us to make changes. Sign every petition. Mail every government official your asked to. Post on every site your asked to post on. Every little effort helps.  Every single vaper needs to be involved. It’s still a battle and we need all the vapers we can get.

Sometimes I do the unpopular thing. I can’t help it. I am not here to be popular. I’m here to make a difference. It would be less stressful if I just bought my ecig supplies and minded my own business. If I didn’t join so many groups and read so much and write blogs. Yes that would be the simple thing to do. I just can’t seem to do that. I guess I don’t expect it to be simple. I believe in my heart that ecigs will save lives. I honestly believe that it’s a way that die-hard smokers can quit  and I believe that the government tries to stop us for financial reasons and cares nothing about our health. I’m just trying to make a difference. Are you? Try to do your part. Please.

Vape On!!


One response to “Can We Do It ? Yes We Can !

  1. Steve K says:

    Well said!

    Vaping has progressed so far just within the last year. Yet, we are on the brink of regulators making the whole thing come crashing down. If we aren’t careful, vaping will either be out altogether, or someone will hit the undo button on the last couple years of innovation in the industry.

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