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Lets Talk Vaping Bling!

on January 19, 2012

Do you bling out your PVs? Care about colors? Crave the perfectly matched combo? Well I do!

I like ecigs that come in stylish colors. I like my batteries and carto colors to match or contrast. I have drip tips to go with everything. I am not a cigarette lookalike lover nor do I need shiny metal mods. I prefer my ecigs represent my personality or to suit my mood or to match my outfit! It may be girly but it’s how I feel about it.

I’m a big fan of mods that come in different colors. GLV has a huge color selection,the Silver Bullet comes in some great colors now,even Buzz has come out with a pretty purple.  It does matter. I’m not going to buy a great mod if its ugly. I’m just not. At $100 or more a pop,its got to be pretty!

I have tried a few tanks. A lot of them are really just unattractive. I dislike the looks of the plastic tube and black rubber stoppers. Yes they work. Yes,I use them at home. No I’m not showing them off in public. A few places have improved the looks of tanks. Some have placed a colorful coating over the plastic. Its better but its not really pretty. The prettiest tanks to me are the Phiniac tanks,which are made of glass,and then the Johnboy tanks.I really like the Phiniacs because of the glass. They are like little works of art and you can choose one to match your ecig. Mine has pinkish swirls and its beautiful. Plus the glass holds up to my cinnamon juice way better than the plastic did. The johnboys have awesome end caps but I havent tried to get one because I hear you have to be lucky and hit it at the right time. Ill stick with the Phiniac. Its beautiful and functional and it matches my ecig. I love it! Its definetly a work of art. No two are the same.

Drip Tips,OMG they come in 100s of sizes,shapes and colors. It amazes me. I’ve even seen cubed shaped DTs. The mings are soooo pretty. I love the shape. I just ordered one to see how they feel when you use them. I have aluminum drip tips in different colors to match everything. I have some plastic see through and solid colors. I started with the black delrin and quickly decided That the concept was great but the look needed improvement. I use 808 cartos and 901 and 510 attys so for me its one size fits all,but they do come in different sizes to fit Ego styles and 801s. I think everyone needs a good drip tip collection. It’s an inexpensive way to bling out your PV.

I have pink and purple 901 attys to test flavors but I use 808 cartos mostly,a lot of people prefer 510,but I like the 808s and they come in so many great colors. You can get blanks in different colors for each of your flavors. I get different colors to match my different PVs then match a drip tip to that and your all set. Color coordinated and pretty!

So that’s it,I like good quality vape equipment that looks as good as it works. I dont spend a fortune. Im just careful and shop around for a bargain or save up for something fancy. Function and beauty. You can have it all!



7 responses to “Lets Talk Vaping Bling!

  1. Jen says:

    I’ll agree 100%! I love the phiniac tanks, & the PV has got to match the outfit or it’s not going out in public with me 🙂
    vape happy!

  2. […] Talk Vaping Bling!" as well as other hints on how to stay fashionable while vaping. Lets Talk Vaping Bling! | Keyzygirls Vape Blog Reply With Quote   + Reply to Thread « Previous Thread […]

  3. vocalvaper says:

    so how did you like the phiniac tank?

  4. Mark says:

    You can’t talk about drip tips without mentioning Trippy tips. These hand-blown glass tips are an amazing addition to your vaping wardrobe!

  5. K9Luvr says:

    Key, will the Phiniac tanks fit V4L batteries?

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