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Evolution of Vape.

on January 26, 2012

When I recommend vaping to a smoker I always recommend a KR808D-1. Its got everything you need to test the waters and its very easy to use. Most new users want a cig sized substitute that they can just pop on a prefilled and vape. They now have XL batteries that last a decent amount of time and so many prefilled flavors to choose from. It’s the perfect first step.

Once they decide to stick with it they can learn to refill and top off and enter the adventure of finding the perfect juice. I’m amazed at all the choices in eliquids today. PG,VG,mixes and blends. So many freaking flavors your head will spin. There are a ton of newer juice vendors that are just amazing and they create some bazaar and complicated ejuices. You could spend a small fortune trying flavors and finding your favs.

Next step for some are fat batts. I have been looking and trying these and there are so many different types available now. Egos,Rivas,Kgos,Vgos,and so on. They range in mahs from 650 to 1100 and will keep you happily vaping for hours. They even have passthru models that unplug and become batts to go. If you like 3.4-3.7 vaping this is where it’s at. They last longer and are a nice size. You can even use tanks on them.

Then for some its time to up the voltage. I tried a few 6v mods about a year and 1/2 ago and it was a little harsh for me.I settled in at 5v. There are a few really nice 5v mods out there. I prefer a 5v GLV2. Its sturdy,pretty and it works every time. I like simple to use PVs. I don’t like to fuss and fidget.

Now the newest thing is variable voltage PVs. They are the latest craze in vaping. Wars have been started over the choices. Darwinians or provari users,which are you? Lava tube or SVR? Buzz pro or infinity? This seems to be a hot topic in some groups. People are very loyal to their PV of choice and vendors get in there and shove the products down your throat until you feel the need to buy one. It’s the popular PV to have! It’s all very interesting to watch. I have tried a VV PV and do not feel the need to get involved yet. If I were rich and able I may try a few different ones,just to compare them,but for now 5v is working for me. I know that most people love VV so it must have its perks.

Well that’s it in a nutshell,the evolution of vaping. Start out as simply as possible and move to the VV extreme. I havent even gone into carto,attys and tanks.  That is a whole nother Blog,LOL! Find what works for you!!





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