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Ecigs-Big and Bold or Small and Stealthy

on February 1, 2012

I use different ecigs at different times. When I’m at home or running around town doing errands I use a big bold mod for added batt life. I want to go even bigger so I wont have to change batts at all while I’m out. I’m looking at a double 18650 XL GLV 5v that is like a weapon. Its huge! It’s probably to big for some people but I’m going for it. I’m thinking of going with pink. That will make it pretty. Maybe get a holster for it.

When I have to be more stealthy about vaping I go much smaller. If I’m dressed up and trying my darndest to be girly I choose an 808. I have some XL Diamond manual batteries from Vapor4Life that are perfect. They have enough power to satisfy without being huge and in your face.I use them with WoW cartos that are a little lower resistance. They have a nice warm vapor and enough throat hit. Slap on a fancy drip tip and they look and work great. Every time I go out with this combo I have people asking questions and wanting to try my ecig. I have to carry an extra to pass around. I dont like them vaping on the one Im using. Is that Strange?

I do have a few fat batts. It’s just not my thing. Most are 3.7 or below and they just don’t do it for me. If your satisfied with 3.7 and want great batt life they are perfect. I honestly wish I loved them. You can get 1000 mah in a semi compact size. Its amazing. The passthru versions are so cool. You can vape while charging then unplug and go. I totally understand why people love them.

Ecigs come in so many sizes and styles. They make something for everyone. I don’t think I could own just one. It’s nice to be able to switch it up to suit your mood or your activity for the day. I wish I could own a bunch of different models. I think we all get caught up in the hype when new things come out. Im not in a position to spend a fortune on my ecig habbit. I have a few mods and a few standard ecigs. Enough to use and share,but there’s always something else I want. I have a BB but I want a Silver Bullet. I have a Vmod but I want a Reo Grand. That new VVPV from Buzz looks pretty sweet,right?. There are always bigger better things coming out. I would like to try them all. I guess we all would.

Well I will let you know when I get something new to try. Ill tell you all about it right here. For now I’m going to enjoy what I have and be totally thankful that I’m vaping and not smoking.   That is the whole point of it. To find something to vape that keeps us off the smokes. The rest is just icing on the cake and the search for the perfect ecig will always continue. As long as they create new styles,we will want them.



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