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on February 7, 2012

As a vaper,you need to be prepared. I always take along more than I will need. Even for a quick run to the grocery store I have a spare carto,small juice bottle and a battery in my pants pocket.  When I go out for the day I have a small leather pouch in my purse or backpack with several spare cartos,batteries and a bottle of eliquid. It’s a lot easier to be prepared than to be stuck without what you need. Buying a pack of smokes to get you through is a cop-out. Just carry what you need. Dont give yourself an excuse to smoke.

Long car trips can be made easier with a passthru.They have adapters that fit into your cigarette lighter so you can vape while you drive. It saves your batts for when your out of the car. You can also use a cartomizer or small tank so you’re not dripping and driving.

Vaping safety 101-Dont drip and drive.

Be courteous when vaping in public. We all know it’s not smoke. If your asked not to vape try explaining and if it’s a no go,don’t do it. Dont start a debate about it.,Just stop. It’s not about your rights,it’s about understanding that not everyone understands or agrees with us. Making a scene and getting upset and rude does not help the cause. We don’t want to look like a bunch of crazy rude people.  Fight the fight right and help CASAA and other organizations to do it properly. Do your part by being respectful and helping to get the word out. Yelling at the little guy who is just following the rules doesn’t help anyone. It just makes us look bad.

Just carry what you need. Be prepared so you don’t need to buy smokes. Always have extra supplies with you. Dont flip out if your asked not to vape. As ex smokers we should be used to the treatment and not be easily offended. Go into stealth mode. Be polite and always try to explain what an ecig is. I call mine my nicotine inhaler. They don’t know if it’s a medical device or not so they usually let me vape,lol. It’s not a lie,right? It just sounds better than Ecig. Thats it. Be prepared and be nice!



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