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Want To Be A Reviewer ? Read This!

on February 12, 2012

So you want to be a reviewer. Well lets talk about it. To be a reviewer takes an investment. It takes time to socialize and to learn about vaping. You need to have a basic understanding of how the PVs function and voltages and ohms and mahs. You should purchase several different models and start there. Test your  stuff out and start reviewing the items you have. Build a reputation by getting your reviews out there. Buy whatever items your interested in and  do your reviews and post them for everyone to see. Show us what you got!

Juice reviews.You need to try different juices and wait for your taste buds to adjust and come back after quitting smoking. It takes time to actually be able to taste the flavors. Once your taste buds are functioning properly do some reviews and post them. Get your reviews out there. Buy from a few different vendors,try as many flavors as you can. Let us see what you can do to inform and amuse us.

You want to know how NOT to become a SUCCESSFUL REVIEWER? Pop in here as a newbie and claim  “Hey! I want to do reviews! Send me free stuff!! ” That is not how its done. You know nothing. You have earned nothing. You deserve nothing. You must become a member of the vaping community and earn peoples trust. Most smart suppliers will completely ignore you. Most people who do this give up once they realize they have to pay for vape supplies to review and invest the time and effort into becoming a reviewer. Don’t try to get a free ride. It doesn’t work. You must take the time to do it right, Become a successful reviewer by investing in yourself. Develop your own style. Put yourself out there. We love to watch reviews and figure out which reviewers tastes are similar to ours. Its so helpful and can save you a ton of cash. Nothing is worse than buying Vape stuff and finding out you hate it.

I’m very thankful to all the wonderful people in the vape community that do reviews. Some make me laugh and smile and some spin my head with tech talk that I barely understand,but I always learn something. I have a lot of respect for all of you. Thank you for investing your time and money and putting yourselves out there for us. You teach us and help us and sometimes even save us money. I respect that and I Thank you! You have earned your title as a reviewer.



8 responses to “Want To Be A Reviewer ? Read This!

  1. James says:

    That’s pretty true actually. We had an email on Friday from a reviewer wanting a sample to a review. I replied asking him to see one of his sample reviews, but he hadn’t done any yet.

    The best reviewers put a ton of work in – if you read the blog you will see an update on his blog almost every day, each one meticulously written.

  2. Cowlie says:

    Hm, seems to be a fair bit of hypocrisy in this post…..

      • Cowlie says:

        You say in this post that someone who wants to be a reviewer should purchase several different models, yet how many have you paid for? I seem to recall you receiving free batteries and mods and then posting half-assed reviews on them. It’s pretty easy to predict how your review of a new battery or mod will read: “This is a really good battery/mod/carto/tank! It’s pretty and I like it!” The same goes for juice reviews, there’s no in depth description of the flavor, just “Yeah! I like it!”

        Of course, we can’t forget the superfluous, incorrect use of the word “your”. How can one preach about how reviews should be written if they don’t even have a grasp on basic grammar skills?

        I say that there’s a fair bit of hypocrisy in this post simply because Keyzy, you are a hypocrite. You take free items, post some sad excuse of a review, then turn around and preach about newbies having earned nothing and deserving nothing. You preach about how to be a reviewer, yet you yourself aren’t following your own “guidelines”.

      • Cowlie,I don’t do reviews.I have never asked a vendor for free products and yes my grammar could be improved.I think you ARE just looking for reasons to be a downer.I do receive free products now and then from vendors who contact me and ask me to test new products to give them my own honest opinions.I report back to them personally,I do not do reviews.Then you asked about how much I have spent? I don’t even want to think about the amount of money I have spent on mods,liquids and vape gear in the past 2 1/2 years.Lets just say it was quite a bit.I was asked to do this Blog after speaking to several vendors that are tired of new members bothering them and begging for free things.Im always happy to help and I wrote exactly the way I feel about the subject. I do this Blog for fun and to stay involved in the vaping scene.If you find it offensive or you just don’t care for it,feel free to pass it by. I welcome informed criticism that is offered to help but you don’t seem to be offering that,more like uninformed insults. Im a Blogger not a reviewer.I don’t do reviews.

  3. James says:

    @cowlie, I read the blog post as saying that people who had never written anything should not write reviews. We get requests for reviewers, ask them where they are going to put a review and they say on YouTube channel they haven’t yet started. So we just say to get back in contact with us when they have done a few reviews.

    I haven’t seen Kezy write a review, but I enjoy Kezy’s blog. The grammar may not be perfect, but bloggers get better through practice – crushing comments can put people off before they have a chance to get good!

  4. EleanorR says:

    Keyzy, I agree with you 100%. I appreciate newbie enthusiam, but I get so tired of going to a juice review only to find out it’s been posted by someone who only started vaping one week prior . . . ! You just know they aren’t actually tasting what the juice REALLY tastes like.

    And I’m sorry someone felt the need to make false and nasty accusations about you on your own blog over it! (Good grief!)

  5. Sheldon says:

    I agree with Keyzy. If you don’t agree with someones post, then just move on or at least make a constructive critique that may help them. Blogging is not easy and requires a lot of time from the posters. Lets help build them up and support their efforts, not pull them down.

    I also agree with your assessment. I have only been around in the vaping world seriously for about 3 months, since November 11, 2011 when I had my last reg cigarette. But, since that time I have purchased over 14 kits, tons of liquids, batteries, PCC’s and such. All thanks to reviewers websites, blogs, ECF and you tube. It’s to the point that I’m looking at the manufacturers to see whats in development. Because of the reviewers I am enjoying my e-cig life tremendously.

    But, if not for those reviewers, I’d be blind. I’d have purchased what ever I found on the net with no clear direction or path. Thanks to them I am smoke free now, 15 months strong and I’m loving the journey. A big thanks from me too, and ex 20 year smoker.

    And Keyzy, keep at it. I rarely post on blogs, I just guiltily enjoy the content and move on. But your posts are genuine and earnest, very inspiring. Thank you as well.

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