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Are Ecigs Safe?

on February 21, 2012

That is not the question here.The question is Are they much safer than tobacco cigarettes?  and  Do they help people to quit smoking? The answer to both of these questions we all know is  YES!  The government is just playing games to convince people otherwise. Its very sad that the people we elect to help and protect us are more worried about money and power than the health and welfare of the people,but its true.  They prove it time and time again.

The FDA can not regulate ecigs as medical delivery devices.They can not ban them or require more arduous testing as a medical delivery device but they can regulate ecigs as tobacco products. What I want to know is why they are not comparing them to other tobacco products like actual cigarettes. Compare the level of harmful chemicals in both ecigs and actual cigarettes and tell me which one contains less of the harmful chemicals and is their fore safer!  Just tell me the facts.The truth. We know that cigarettes contain more than 5,ooo known toxic chemicals. Ecigs contain so few ingredients. They do not contain anywhere near the harm factor that actual cigarettes do. Ecigs eliminate so many of those harmful chemicals. Ecigs are safer. Thats a fact.

So why would our government want to take ecigs away from us. Well as I understand it, its all about money and tax dollars and payoffs from big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. These big companies have more money and power than the people fighting to give you a safer alternative to smoking. Then we throw the Anti-smokers into the mix. They want everyone to quit smoking,the big companies like the Anti-smokers because whether you quit smoking by using an NRT  or you keep puffing away on actual cigarettes one of them wins and gets your money. The only people losing out are the poor folks who want a safer alternative to smoking.  You deserve to have a safer alternative. You deserve a product that works by not only giving you nicotine but also giving that hand to mouth habit that needs to be addressed when looking for a smoking alternative. Sticking on a patch and eating a 10lb bag of jelly beans a day is not a healthy alternative.

The bottom line is that the FDA did not find any harmful levels of toxic chemicals or carcinogens in ecigs. They lost the court case to regulate ecigs as medical delivery systems. Now they are trying different ways to control and eradicate ecigs. It’s not about your health and safety.Its about money and power. Vaping addresses smokers needs on multiple levels. Ecigs are a highly successful smoking alternative that will help save lives.   That is the way I see it. Are ecigs safe? MUCH  SAFER than the cigarettes the government does allow! It’s up to you. Make the choice.



2 responses to “Are Ecigs Safe?

  1. EleanorR says:

    “10 pound bag of jelly beans” LOL LOL

    Preach it, girlfriend!

  2. Sheldon says:

    I agree completely! I’m just saddened at which high profile organizations, that are suppose to be anti-cancer and anti-smoke can not see this is a safer alternative than having people puff on reg cigarettes?
    And if they don’t want to believe the users of e-cigs or the manufacturers then do a self test themselves. I’d love an independent organization to perform a test on various e-cigs and publish it themselves.
    But, like you said, big money is pushing the people in play. Doesn’t any of them remember why they took their office in the first place?
    The whole thing makes my sad… then mad.

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