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Lets Ban The Bans.

on February 24, 2012

All these states trying to ban ecigs and lump us in with the smoking bans is just bull.  We are not smoking!! We are Vapers!! You don’t see them asking people to peel off the patches and spit out the nic gum do you? What is the difference? Why don’t they get it? It just drives me crazy. Why can I not choose the smoking alternative that works best for me.Never mind the fact that our own government is going to be responsible for all the cigarette deaths that could have been saved had they listened. Maybe down the road the light will go on and they will realize what they are doing. Hopefully the causualties wont be too high. I pray.

All this other stuff happening in the news isn’t helping either.Mr Holloways exploding ecig and the crazy guy on the plane who of course had to be using an ecig. It makes us look bad. We don’t all use exploding modified ecigars and we do not all break flight rules and flip out on planes. Dont lump us in with these people. We are not the only part of the exploding battery crowd. Those are battery issues that happen with many different products like cell phones and laptops and RC toys. It’s not an ecig issue. It’s a battery issue. Use your brain. Safety is safety. Outlaw everything that has a battery. That would be the safe thing to do. Cars,toys,flashlights,phones,computers,games,Everything.

I think our best bet is to keep fighting and trying to show them just how stupid they are being. The hard part is being nice about it. I can’t send the letters that I think of writing,I have to be polite and that’s hard sometimes. I want to just be honest and tell them how I truly feel about them and the stupid things they do. I want to send them pictures of real people  dying from smoke related diseases and ask them why they want that to happen? The patches and gum didn’t work. The hypnosis and acupuncture didn’t work. Ecigs work. The ecig addresses our needs on multiple levels and is a highly successful tobacco harm reduction product. It’s the perfect smoke alternative. That is the truth. It will save lives. Open your eyes!



One response to “Lets Ban The Bans.

  1. e-cigs says:

    E-cigs have a lot of potential as an alternative to replace smoking and hopefully the government and public will be fair and open-minded. The e-cig was after all created with the intention of eliminating or at the least reducing harm for the smokers.

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