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Finding Ecig Groups and Forums

on February 29, 2012

I belong to a few different FB ecig groups and a few different ecig forums. Mostly I just read and absorb information. I never belonged to a forum or group before I got involved with ecigs.I had very little computer skills when I found ecigs and I had to teach myself and ask a lot of questions from other members. Most members are extremely helpful and kind. Some are not. The good ones outweigh the bad.

I’m not a young kid and I have been out of school and havent really belonged to any social groups for some years. It took me a while to find my place in the ecig world. I started becoming more involved when I found a company I really liked and I felt comfortable posting in their sub forum and I fit in pretty well.  It was Vapor4Life. That is where I started. I was there pretty close to the beginning when they started the company and know most of the people who work there and shop there. I still use them and I owe them a lot for making it easy for me to fit in and get started with ecigs and quit smoking. Not plugging the company just telling the truth. They got me started and I have friends there. I use them and I like them.

It’s not always easy to find your niche. I’ve joined quite a few other groups and felt less than welcome. Once I joined a forum and my first private messages were from a pervert. I didn’t know what to think. How creepy is that?  I was uncomfortable posting after that so I just let go of that group and moved on. Not all groups are a good fit. You have to find the places and people who suit you. Some groups are a bit tougher and there is a lot of fighting and insults thrown. That is not my thing. I prefer nice people who respect each other and can have differing opinions and still be civil. I’m a lover not a fighter.

The FB groups are pretty cool because most of them contain the same people so you get to know who you are dealing with. They have a lot of interesting people from many different backgrounds and usually everyone gets along fairly well. You are always going to have your busybodies who are in everyone’s business and your control freaks who want to be in charge of groups.  You have your suppliers who constantly talk about their products and reviewers who post videos. Lots of interesting people. Its fun. You learn a lot and find out whats new and whats good and what isn’t. It’s a good group of people and I found out that if someone bothers you,you can just block them and then they disappear from view,LOL! How great is that.Wish it worked in real life! I have never had to block anyone though. I like everyone. I’m pretty easy-going.

Find the groups that work for you. Try more than one. It’s very helpful on many levels to have other vaping friends. It’s like a quit smoking support group and you get the information you need to succeed. Plus when you are having technical difficulties there are people to turn to. The big thing is it keeps you up to date on whats going on and new products that are available. If you need a coupon code or if your favorite vendor is out of something they can point you to another that has what you need. It’s good to have friends,especially other vapers. Find your niche!



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