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So Many Vaping Choices!

on March 5, 2012

When we smoked it was one brand all the time. The same stinky cig flavored yuck,day after day. We never thought about flavors and colors and sizes. Now we are vapers and everything has changed. We want choices!

 Batteries come in all different sizes,Mahs,volts and colors. We can go with cig sized all the way up to  a monster sized mod. We have tons of choices. Choose a battery size and then you have to pick a color! Do you want leds or not if yes,what color for that? So many wonderful choices to make. Do you choose your battery by what you are doing for the day? Maybe its a long day and you need a fat batt or maybe you will need to go stealth for the day. If you are going formal maybe a diamond tipped skinny batt. We need to have a few different types of batteries in our collections to choose from. We need options!

Then there is always the carto/atty/tank question. What to choose? Are you an atty person or a carto person? What types of tanks do you use? I myself use cartos when I’m out,sometimes a tank at home and attys are for testing flavors. I will never be a dripper. I do it to test flavors and I just don’t get it. It would drive me crazy to drip all day long. I started out vaping with dripping on an 801 and quickly looked for other options. Back then 808s were the only cartos so I went with them. Then I could use a 901 atty to test flavors. Now they make cartos for everything. If I use a tank its a glass carto tank. I vape a lot of cinnamon and the glass holds up so much better.  The choices are endless with cartos,attys and tanks. You just have to try a few and find what works for you. Everyone is different and thats why we have so many options. Something for everyone!

Juices,OMG! There are soooo many juice venders out there and each one makes a big selection of flavors. You can go tobacco flavored or fruit, drink flavors or candy. The choices are amazing. They have bakery flavors and fruity menthols.Im always surprised by something when juice shopping. I’ve even seen bacon,crab and pizza juices. Sounds kinda gross! I prefer coffee and chocolate flavors but I always add cinnamon to it. It gives it a little kick. Even fruits taste good with a blast of cinnamon. You can DIY your juices and make your own. Then you can have any flavor you want!

The last choices are accessories, like drip tips and drip shields and lanyards. So many pretty choices to match your ecig. I have drip tips to match all my mod colors. They come in so many amazing colors and shapes. It’s hard to have just one. Each PV needs to have a few different options. I love drip tips. I havent bought any drip shields yet but I have seen a few I would love to try. I do have lanyards in a few different colors,sizes and styles for my different PVs. If I’m running around a lot I need one or I set my PV down everywhere. I can’t risk the loss. I would freak!

So What are you vaping today? I have a metallic pink 5v XL GLV with an 808 carto and a matching pink drip tip. Its my monster set up. Its huge and the batts last all day! I love it!



One response to “So Many Vaping Choices!

  1. Frank Gallo says:

    what time of day?

    when i get up its an apollo extreme for while im makeing coffee..

    then its the Giantomizer with some ry4 and an extra drop of caramel in the tank..

    if im out and abot its back to the extreme most times or an Ego-tank tip..

    afternoons i like to bounce back and forth between the giant types atomizers and the tip tanks..

    but night times its VV lavatube with a drip tip.. (or with a custom tankmod with a punched cartomizer)

    then before bed its back to the ectreme (cigg style)..


    alll info is subject to change depending on flavor, batts, and nicotine needed.. mood and whatever)

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