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World Vaping Day!

on March 12, 2012

I’ve been thinking about World Vaping Day. What an amazing event. Just a few short years ago nobody knew what vaping was. I remember vaping at my kid’s soccer games and people would look at me like I was smoking drugs or something. Now people come up and say “Is that one of those electronic cigarettes?” Times are changing. We have to stay on top of it so that the changes are good! Keep informed and try to help. CASAA is a great way to stay informed. They have an amazing group of people who volunteer their time to keep us informed and to keep vaping from being banned. They are always looking for people to help.

World Vaping Day,next Thursday,March 22nd. If you have a vape group or even a few friends who vape put a meet together or go have a coffee or a beer and vape and get in on it. Have your own little vape day to celebrate. Get it on the map at  Let them know that you are celebrating! You can call your local newspaper or radio station and tell them about it.  Maybe print out some flyers and hand them out. You can do a lot of different things to spread the word. Lets get it out there!

I have heard that a lot of vendors are being supportive of this event. They will probably hold some sort of meet if they have a shop or maybe run some sales if they are online vendors. See if your favorite vendors are being supportive of this amazing event. Imagine all of us vaping all around the world. It’s very cool! I wish there were more vapers here in Key West to celebrate with. Anyone who wants to meet up and vape at Island Dogs Bar? Let me know and I’ll meet you there! We can be the Southernmost USA Vapers! I think everyone should find some way to make World Vaping Day a celebration. Find a way to make it special to you. CHEERS VAPERS! We have our own day!!



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