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Thursday! World Vaping Day!

on March 20, 2012

Its coming up quick. This Thursday. What are you doing for World Vaping Day? You better make plans quickly! Everyone should do something to celebrate. Make sure to contact local newspapers and radio stations in your area and let them know about it. It’s a worldwide event. Its big news.

Check out the World Vaping Day events page on Facebook. It has links and info. You can see whats going on in your area or post what you will be doing to celebrate. Then it may end up on the World Vaping Day map. I would love to see the map covered with events. It doesn’t matter how small the event is,vaping with friends over coffee or a beer.Get it on the map. Set something up and celebrate. Be a part of World Vaping Day!

There will be events held all over the world. Events are posted for the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Malaysia, Spain, New Mexico, Australia, Netherlands, Philippines, Croatia, Ireland and Sweden. Thats pretty amazing. We will be vaping and celebrating together all over the world. You can see the map here. . I’ll be at Island Dogs Bar in Key West vaping and having lunch to celebrate. Lets get the map covered.

Lots of vendors will be celebrating with us. Check for meets and special sales. Some vendors will be having contests. Quite a few are supporting this event. Make sure to check if your favorite vendors are doing anything special for World Vaping Day. I know my favorites are doing a few things this week to make the fun last longer. I’m already having fun and getting a few great deals on vape gear. Check around and see which vendors are getting involved.

 Please set something up and do something special for World Vaping Day. Lets get as many people involved as we can. Do something to spread the word. Hand out flyers that explain ecigs and World Vape Day. Post what you are doing on the FB page to give others ideas of things to do. We are Vapers and we need to be involved and spread the word! Ill be checking the map to see who is celebrating! I hope your event will be on it. Do something to celebrate this amazing event!



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