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Can I Patent My Ecig Blog?

on March 29, 2012

I see a bunch of talk going around lately about ecigarette product patents. I don’t claim to have a huge understanding of the laws or electronics behind this stuff. I’m just talking about what I have seen posted lately and how I feel about it. It seems to me that ecigs were created about 10 years ago,and before that with the Iolite units. Did you create them? I don’t think so. You expanded on something that already existed. As ecigs evolve others will come in and expand even further. New ideas and creations that move beyond the original products and beyond the one you created. Thats how it works. You took someone elses idea and added to it and others will take that stolen idea and add to it even further. Evolution of the ecig! Seems very fair to me.

I think that if people want to be creators and brag about it and patent things,they should be original ideas,not copies or improvements on other people’s creations. I know that is not how the laws work,but it should be. The one original creator should have the option to patent and everyone after that just shares the pie. I have to laugh when I see people complaining about stolen ideas in the ecig industry. You are not the creator! You took someone elses idea! Deal with it!

I know we are all laughing about this,and it is kinda funny but to some people it makes them very angry and they are ranting all over FB and the forums about patents and legal ramifications if others don’t cease and desist or pay them their fair share of the profits. It makes me a little sick. I can’t imagine paying attorney fees to go through with this crap. Suing a Mom who is making things to sell and take care of her family. It’s not like some big corporation stole your idea and ran your big corporation out of business. It’s a Mom trying to subsidize her income,or a Guy with a hobby. Whats the big deal? It wasnt even your idea to begin with. You didn’t create the first one.

Some of these new products have been designed for good reasons. Some are more affordable,the people who are making them understand that not everyone has a ton of money and can afford a fancy mod and needed something more suited to a lower budget. Some of the mods have been created to be easier to use by older people who have arthritis and our hands dont function as well as we would like them too. The reasons for the modifications are endless and well needed in this community. I applaud people for moving ahead and trying to make vaping accessible for as many people as possible. I disagree with the selfish behavior of a few to keep us from moving ahead and keep vaping from expanding and being available to everyone.  Its wrong and its selfish.

Moving ahead and making advances in ecigs is not a personal attack. Making products available to as many people as possible is a good thing. Making products that are affordable and accessible for less fortunate people is a blessing. Thank you for doing it.

 That is all I have to say about that.



7 responses to “Can I Patent My Ecig Blog?

  1. Well said Keyzy, this is about as destructive to the entire community as you can get… Don’t we have enough opposition already without someone within the community stirring the pot? I hope that Mike realizes that he is alienating a lot of potential customers with this behavior and finally gets over it….Can’t we all just get along????

  2. Good job girl!! Woot!

    Justine 😮 )

  3. stevevape says:

    I’m going to patent the comma, then everyone will have to pay me for writing complex sentences 🙂

  4. vapingdaz says:

    I totally agree whilst I dont shove it in some peoples faces I spread my vaping word wide and far through blogging, fb and you tube, a brilliant blog post.

  5. samuelmunro says:

    I can see it from both sides, If I’d invented the sewing machine, to make the hobby of dress making easier/faster etc…

    I’d hate it if some other company came in and skuppered my chances of making a decent living from the sale of it… of course there’s a world of difference between that and trying to have ownership of something fundamental to the craft like say, thread.

  6. e cig says:

    This must be incredibly exciting for you. Congrats and good luck. Great post.

  7. Karl says:

    yea, everyone remember ‘frames’??? well the person who ‘invented’ it got all uppity and tried to get everyone who used ‘frames’ to pay royalties.. don’t see anyone using frames today do you? Let that be a lesson to these Patent needy folks.

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