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on March 31, 2012

I saw this today and it upset me. Why are vapers bullying other vapers? Why would that happen? Are people seriously so jealous of other people’s respect and success that they have to resort to bullying? You can disagree with someone without being a bully. If you don’t like the videos someone does then watch something else! It sickens me that this is happening in our community and it needs to stop!

Please go show the lady some support,okay? Please. Nobody should be harassed for trying to help and educate vapers. We are a community and we need to stick together and be supportive of each other. We need to let the bullies know that it’s not acceptable to us!

Remember: WE ARE VAPERS!!


Jan’s link


5 responses to “VAPER BULLIES!!

  1. LL&V says:

    I agree Keyzy! Vapor bullying should be confined to one place and that place is called Vapers Forum!

  2. darcy says:

    her is a video i did in support of miss steel jan

  3. […] a post that I feel very strongly about, over the weekend I caught up with a blog post from Keyzygirls. Regarding a video on you tube published by a highly thought of lady in the vaping […]

  4. Peeps says:

    That is why I don’t post in the ecig forum anymore. Unless you’re part of the clique, you’re a nobody who knows nothing.

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