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What Are You Vaping On Today?

What is your favorite vape combo? I asked this question the other day in the Vapors Lounge and got 40-50 different answers. I love that everyone is so different. I find it very interesting how no 2 answers are exactly the same. Many use the same PV,but the atty/carto /tank combo is different. There are just so many brands and styles to choose from.

I see quite a few people using VV devices now. The new SS Lava Tube came out and a few people have recieved them this week. The reviews look good so far. It appears to be a little heavier and I heard it feels more sturdy. It’s very pretty. It sounds like a wonderful device. People are loving the VV stuff. Even the Kicks fly off the shelves as fast as they come in. People are kicking everything, Sliver Bullets are supposed to be a very good device to Kick. They have a new extension sleeve so the Kick will fit with an 18650. That sounds pretty good,you get Long battery life,VV and in a very durable device that’s been around for a while and proven to be a pillar  in the PV world. The Bolt is working out well with the Kick too. People sure do love VV devices. Lots of  different VV choices out there now.

Quite a few people are still using 3.7 devices and bottom feeders with lr attys. They say it’s a very good vape. Others use 5v with RR cartos or attys (Thats what I use) and its wonderful. People use 6v PV’s and different tanks and combos. There are many choices. More than one man can try. Though some members seem to test out every new thing that comes out. If I could afford it,I would like to try everything too! That would be amazingly fun !

I see lots of new tanks and tank type cartos coming out lately. The Stardusts look promising. I think a newer version is coming out soon. Maybe the older ones will go on sale. Lots of tanks lately too. Quite a few new glass tank makers. I like the glass because I like cinnamon vapes and the glass seems to hold up better. I have a Phiniac tank and its wonderful. I keep checking out the other glass makers to see if theirs are any different.  Lots of interesting tanks and stuff coming out. I can’t wait to see the reviews. Thank the Lord for our wonderful reviewers!

Well with all the choices we have everyone should be able to find a perfect vape to keep them off the cigs.  No excuses. Just try stuff and see what works best for you. I find that sharing and trading helps me out a bit. I cant afford to try to many things,but if I trade stuff I do have for stuff that I want it works out well. Everyone benefits and its fun. Just be careful who you trade with and make sure they have been around a while. You don’t want to give out personal info to a complete stanger. I have made some great friends through sharing and trading. Lots of vapers do it. Plus,if you have stuff you don’t like and are not going to use why not give it to someone who can? Its better than having it sit in a drawer. It feels good to clean out my vape drawer and  share with friends. Sharing is always a good idea. It gives everyone a chance to try new things!



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