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Ecig Wars!

on April 2, 2012

The most important battle we can fight in the war against ecigs is for our right to vape. We need to be aware of whats going on with our government and how hard they are trying to keep ecigs from going mainstream. Ecigs work and that scares them. If everyone knew and understood the truths about ecigs then the big tobacco companies would lose money and the big pharmaceutical  companies who sell so many NRT products that don’t work and are dangerous would also lose money. If that happened our government would lose a ton of money in taxes and kickbacks for these products. These huge companies fund the government. It’s profitable for them to either keep us smoking or have us take drugs to quit. Using an ecig and being healthier and happier doesn’t do anything for the government. They don’t want it.

It may be hard to accept that your own government that was put in place to help protect you and your rights would prefer for you to get sick,suffer and die but its the absolute truth. They don’t care about your health. They care about the financial strain that ecigs will cause. Ecigs work and they don’t want us to have them. They are fighting a battle to keep us from using ecigs and being healthier and its appalling. Why would you keep a safer smoking alternative away from people? Why? I will tell you why. $ GREED $.

The fact is that using an electronic cigarette is much safer than smoking tobacco cigarettes. We are getting nicotine without inhaling thousands of other chemicals and carcinogens. It’s a safer alternative to smoking. That is a fact.  Nicotine does not cause cancer any more than the caffeine in your morning cup of coffee. Whats next? Shutting down Starbucks because they are dangerous to our health?  McDonald’s for causing people to get fat and have heart disease? That wont happen because if we are fat and unhealthy the government makes money. They like us to be fat,unhealthy Americans. It’s profitable for them.  That is why we pay them the big bucks. We pay them to keep us fat,unhealthy and uninformed. How insane is that? Is that okay with you?

If  you would like to be more informed get on the internet and look around! If you want to help you can join CASAA. They are the Consumer Advocates for Smokefree Alternatives Association. You can help by being informed and aiding in the effort or you can donate funds to help keep CASAA  moving ahead in the battle to keep safer tobacco alternatives available to everyone. I advise doing something to help because sitting on your fat,uninformed,lazy american butt shouldnt be an alternative.  That is what the government is hoping you will do. I vote we do the opposite and fight back!! We can win if we all join together!



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