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Soooo Many Vaping Groups!!

on April 12, 2012

Have you noticed how many new vaping groups are popping up lately? WOW! You log on to Facebook and you have been added to several new groups everyday. I don’t mind. Its kinda fun to see what they are all about. I laughed the other day with the  “I added you to another vape group” group. I left that one pretty quick though. There is a limit to whats acceptable content to me. I’m pretty flexible so when I get offended,its pretty bad. It was pretty bad.

I think everyone should be able to have fun and speak their minds and post whatever pics and stuff they want.  I’m not complaining. I just leave if it bothers me. I’m not one to ruin other people’s fun. I do sometimes wonder what type of people post shocking sexual pictures. I wonder about their mental state and the lack of actual sex in their lives. I also wonder what their partner or families think when the posts pop up. I guess it’s because I am the person you meet here,it’s really me. I dont do or say things here that I wouldn’t do or say in my real life with my friends and family. It is what it is.

I have found many groups that are fun and informative. I totally enjoy the social aspect and meeting so many cool and interesting people. I love the Vapors Lounge,Vapers United,Vaping Worldwide and so many others. I was thrilled with the new Vapors Pay It Forward and got a chuckle out of Vaping Singles. (I hope John gets a date!) Keeping my fingers crossed for you. <3!

Its fun to be a part of this vaping community. I can spend hours reading and posting and watching who is doing what to who. Even some of the arguments are fun and entertaining. Its like being back in High School with the cliques and punks. The good helpful people and the trouble makers. You have to laugh when people start banning other people from groups because they don’t like them or are afraid that they are more popular than them. Its comical. With all the groups we have don’t feel bad if you get booted from one,there will be 3 new ones tomorrow that you can join. It’s all good! No worries.

I just want to say Thank you to everyone for including me in the wonderful wacky world of vape groups. I totally enjoy it. I’m thrilled to be a part of it all and keep it coming!  Lets keep entertaining each other and adding more people to the group!



2 responses to “Soooo Many Vaping Groups!!

  1. The vaping community really is awesome. It’s amazing how helpful and supportive everyone is. Whenever someone has a question about ecigs, there are always people quick to help out and offer advice. You Keyzy, are one of those people who come to the newbies and help answer their questions. I think it’s people like you who really help make the community what it is. Congrats to you and everyone who assists where they can!

  2. Great blog. Thansk so much for the hugely kind and oh so very informitive welcome to eCigVapers United Really like all the people I am meetign and the hand holding I am gettign as I have my turn at newbie dork.. 😉

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