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Respect The Vaping Elders!

on April 17, 2012

I notice quite a few of the newer vapers vying for position and trying to bump out us older guys. The first thing I want to say is “Respect Your Vaping Elders!!”. We have been here and worked out the bugs for you. We held our ground through the eliquid droughts when the FDA was stopping the supplies. We used the crappy cartos and atties and told them how to make them better. When we started Mods were not everywhere.Most people had stick batteries like 510s,801,808 and 901s. Trog was our saving grace and The Chuck was an amazing advancement,LOL! It wasnt easy back then. All you young kids with your egos and fat batts and provaris. We didn’t have that.

I remember when eliquid took forever to get to you if it was custom mixed. Hell we could hardly get that premixed Chinese stuff. Remember the drought!! Then we would have wars over 510s or 808s! Mean fighting wars and people would be banned! 808ers used cartos and 510ers used attys. They didn’t have 510 cartos and they were jealous! They would type DRIP OR DIE!! Oh those violent dripper wars. The 808 carto users were much more mellow. Then the drippers said Burning cartos would kill us!! But it isn’t true,3 years later I’m still here,still sucking on an old 808 carto. Funny how those 510 users have cartos now too! I always knew you would.

Now we have fillerless cartos so everyone can be safer,and Tanks!! Some of those tanks are huge! Fill it up and go all day.Who would have thought that would happen. Now the tank people tell the carto people how much better it is. Us old timers just laugh. We know how fast things change and not to put all your ejuice in one basket. Dont overstock. Things change. Right? Have what you need but don’t corner the market.

PVs used to come in 3.7 and 6v.  That was it! Pick one. I hated it. 3.7 was sooo weak and 6v was like sucking a muffler. It was terrible. I wanted 5v before it was the sweet spot. When we were just guessing that it would be. Now you have VV and can dial in to whatever you want. Imagine that!! Its amazing! Thank God for creative modders! I never would have lasted at 3.7 or 6v. I would have failed. cool breeze or muffler hot just wasnt working for me. Yucko!

So you see,we have come a long way in a short amount of time. Lets appreciate the older members that had to put up with the issues to get us where we are today. They struggled through and fought to keep vaping on a steady forward course. They became the suppliers and modders and juice makers that we have and love today. They became CASAA and the reviewers and bloggers!!  They are like vaping Super Heroes!! We will always need new fresh young blood to keep it moving,but remember to be respectful of the old timers that got vaping where it is. Okay? Carry on!

and VAPE ON!!

and don’t correct me,I write this way on purpose,its habit now. I actually like the comments,it amuses me.


8 responses to “Respect The Vaping Elders!

  1. bogeyvv says:

    Amen, halilujia, and pass the potato’s.

  2. Troop says:

    Woot! Respect to the elders!

  3. vapingmandycat says:

    very nice

  4. Peeps says:

    Awesome blog, Keyzy, as usual!

  5. Wisdom and elder do not always coincide, however this is a factual piece of material in vaping. What is an elder, Pre”mod”onnas wiith passion and insight. I love the growth, I have been 16 months, puts me in the age of reason- stick with winners and fashionista fun is fine, but the real task is keeping safe and alive this blessing. VV, tanks, Kicks and such are fun, but lest us not forget that Daddy (FDA,Pharma,BT and especially the great scientists of our Legislatures- smoke proven = vape in Utah) can take the T-bird and tank away. Knowledge and wisdom of those before will be essential in days to come. Excellent blog!

  6. If you’ve ever bought an entire box of tea just for the bags, You might be an Elder.
    If you’ve ever stalked the aisles of an aquarium supply shop, and you don’t even own fish, You might be an Elder. If you even have a clue to what I’m referencing here, You must be an Elder. Vape on, Keyzy! Well done! We’ve come so far, just imagine what the future holds.

  7. Kent Clark says:

    Loved It!

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