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I’m A Vaper

on April 24, 2012

Being a vaper has been a huge learning experience for me. I thought at first it was just an alternative to smoking and would get me to quit. I had no idea the road it would lead me down. I have learned so much in the past few years. I’ve become a better person through vaping. It may sound silly but it’s true.

When I started vaping I didn’t even own a computer. I had to borrow one from the kids when I needed to order supplies. Sometimes they had to help me with it. I had no computer skills at all. I had taken a few classes back in college but had dropped out of them because I broke 6 vertebrae in my back and was unable to move until they could build a brace to hold me up straight. Most school work could be done from home but back in the old days computers were very expensive and not everyone had them. I never did complete the courses.I just chose other things to study. It never really bothered me until I started vaping. I ran several businesses manually,with notebooks and pencils and hired someone to do the computer work. I hired a retired accountant and he would copy all my notebook work into the computer. It worked for me.

Once I realized how much I enjoyed vaping I knew I would have to figure the computer out. I got a laptop and with a lot of help from the kids I got myself set up and running.I joined forums and learned about ecigs and new places to order from. I remember being so afraid to hit the wrong keys and screw it up. My kids found it very amusing.  For me it was exciting but I was taking it very slow. I was thrilled just to be online and be a part of the then very small vaping community.

I started with an 801 and it was a leaky mess. I knew there were better things out there but I had to find them. Once online I learned about the 510’s, 901’s and 808’s and eventually mods. I switched to the 808’s and it was so much easier and no leaks!  It’s a great beginner set up. I do still use some 808 cartos on my mods because they are so easy to just screw on and go. I like the simplicity of it. It’s just easy,anyone can figure it out. It’s not rocket science.

I had a hard time learning about the atomizer,cartos and batteries. It took me a bit to understand volts, MAHs and OHMs and resistances. I didn’t know anything about battery safety when I purchased my first mods.  I had a hard time when LR,RR and HR cartos and attys came out and I wanted to vape at 5v with a strong TH. I thought I would never figure it all out but I did. I learned a lot on ECF back when it was a smaller community. Thank God so many wonderful people took the time (and it took some time) to explain everything to me. I’ve learned so much.

I also learned about online friendships and forums and different groups. My kids used to call them my invisible friends. I have met so many wonderful people in the vape community. I love my vape friends. I check in everyday to make sure we are all happy and healthy. Its awesome. I spent the last year stuck at home with some health issues and if it wasn’t for the computer and being able to chat and socialize I believe I would have lost my mind. Vaping saved my sanity,another perk!

I have learned some negative things also. I have learned about cyber bullies and how they attack people. I have learned that they are usually weak small-minded people who never think before they strike and have no idea of the pain they cause others. I have seen it happen many times and I am amazed that people have so little in their lives that they feel a need to hurt complete strangers. Never give them power. Always confront them and never turn a blind eye.If you see someone being bullied speak up! Dont sit quiet and watch it happen or you are just as guilty as the bully. Report them to whatever forum or group you are on. Always hit the report button or PM a mod or group leader when you see someone being attacked. If you receive nasty PM’s always report them.These people are probably attacking other people in PM and it needs to be stopped. I don’t like it at all and feel they need to be called out every time. Cyber bullies was a lesson I could have lived without.

But all in all what a wonderful journey I have been on! I’ve learned so much by just picking up an ecig. I feel so much more confident in myself. I can run the computer,do a blog,understand how and why an ecig works and I have made so many wonderful friends. The friendships I’ve made here mean the world to me. Its been an awesome learning experience. I’ve come a long way Baby! I’m so glad that I took the chance and was able to share this amazing adventure with all of you!



2 responses to “I’m A Vaper

  1. Peeps says:

    Wonderful blog, Keyzy. I, too, have learned a lot since I began this vaping journey almost 3 years ago. And like you, I cherish the friends I have made-including you. 🙂 Thank you for your kindness and for being the type of person that everyone should strive to be, both online and in real life.

  2. I’m glad I (cyber) met you Keyzy! You are so kind and cheerful all the time. It’s hard to believe that you just recently got a computer. You have come a long way! Good for you and keep up the GREAT work! You go girl!

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