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Vape Envy

on May 4, 2012

How many of you get vape envy? You know that slightly green jealous feeling when reading vape posts on FB or the forums?  I think quite a few of us get it. I love to see people posts pictures of their PV collections. So many shiny pretty mods and accessories.  Pictures of vape mail that includes everything from a new PV to attys and juices.  Dont you wish you could just order whatever you want? I do.

I have a running list in my head of all the new and improved items I would like to try. It gets bigger and changes daily. I am not one to jump on new things as soon as they come out. I like to wait and see the reviews and let the risk takers try it out first.  Are you a jumper or a waiter? Its kinda  funny because if you know who the risky reviewers are you get the reviews pretty quick. I’m glad we have so many risk takers here with us. I like to see the product and see how it works before I spend my money.

I don’t like products that require fiddling. I want to fill it or put batteries in it and have it work. I don’t like when someone says it works great if you mod this part. They should mod it before they sell it if it needs it. I shouldnt have to screw around with a brand new product. It should just work. Open,fill, and vape.  If it requires fiddling and modding,I’ll wait for version 2 or 3 to come out where it is fixed. Saves money and stress.

I don’t know why we as vapers get so envious of each other and the collections people have. We really don’t need 45 PVs and every accessory known to man.  It’s just not necessary. I have never been a greedy person,why is it with vaping that the little green monster tries to jump in? I don’t even need or want the item and I still think Man,I would love to try that. Its weird. I guess we need to have a  big vape meet and we can all put our stuff out on the table and test each others gear. That way you get to try it and see what really works for you instead of buying the hundreds of silly new things that come out. Wouldnt that be fun. Get your drip tip and jump in!

I wish I lived near a few more vapers. Vaping  isn’t very big in Key West. I may have to start a little vape group at the community center to get the vape ball rolling here. I may also have to go to Vapestock and hang out with everyone there. Who is going to Vapestock? I really have to work it out so I get to go! It sounds like it will be a blast!  Maybe I will see you there. Can I try your PV if I go? I got my drip tip all polished up and ready!!



One response to “Vape Envy

  1. Bogey says:

    I definitely get Vape envy. All those mods just burn into my brain. I usually don’t get envy on juice or Atty/carto orderes.

    I do like to jump in early on some mods, especially Reos. But others I sometimes wait. Honestly I am getting pretty picky lately. My wife is starting to comment on”just how many of those do you need?

    I definitely enjoy going to the windy city Vape meets. It’s about a 2-2.5 hour drive for me but worth it every time. Like you Keyzy there Aren’t a lot of vapers out here in the cornfields of Bloomington. Thanks for a great post. It was fun to think about.

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