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Vapestock 2012!!

on May 16, 2012

Its coming up fast!  Are you going? It sounds like its going to be an amazing vape event. Its being held at the Holiday Inn Harborside , Indian Rocks Beach Florida on June 8th and 9th. I think it will be an awesome weekend full of fun. You can stay at the hotel and spend the weekend vaping with all the friends you have met and come to love through vaping. I have heard some people are going to come in on Thursday and stay until Sunday just to make a nice little vacation out of it. Doesnt that sound perfect?

I would love to hang out with all the vapers I have met online over the past few years. I imagine it would be very interesting and so much fun to actually see and talk to most of you. I think people come across differently online than what they actually are in real life and it will be so cool to see the real people who are behind the avatars. The few people I have met were even more interesting and cool in person. Its funny,after talking to people online for a while you feel that they are friends and that you already know and love them,lol. Vape family! The love is there.For sure!

The event starts on Friday evening with a reception at 7:00 at Jimmy Guanas. Relax,socialize and have a frozen drink  and a vape with all your  friends. I wonder what the perfect vape is to go with a Frozen Rum Runner? Hanging out with other vapers will be awesome. We can share juices and show off our PVs and stuff! I don’t have a ton of stuff but I will share what I have and I like to see what everyone else is vaping! I’ll even let you try my GLV if ya want to!

 Saturday morning everyone can hang out at the pool have coffee or Bloody Marys and relax and enjoy the sun and sea. I love mornings at the beach. It’s so peaceful. I think a lot of us girls are going solo so we can all hang out and have fun! I guess quite a few non vaping Husbands are not attending. At noon the doors open to the Key West center and the party begins. They will have a cash bar and all the vendors tables will be set up for shopping and looking. Sounds good to me! They will be giving out raffle tickets for the many items donated by the vendors. I hear they have some very awesome prizes to give away! I hope you win something wonderful! At 8:00 the party moves out to the Tiki Bar area and continues.

Make plans to be there! Get your plane reservations and book a room. Its going to be an awesome vape event and you don’t want to miss out! I am trying to make my plans now. I am a procratinator and have to figure out how I’m going to swing the cash for the trip but I’m working on a plan. Wish me luck because I really want to meet and hang out with you guys and gals! I have already missed way to many events and this one is very close to home. I will try to get there. Can I crash in your room if I get there? LOL!!  Hey,it doesn’t hurt to ask right? Let me know! OK,June 8th and 9th,at the beach,Be there!!


A Huge Thank You goes out to all the vendors and the Suncoast Vapers Group for putting on this wonderful event!

Thank You So Much!!


2 responses to “Vapestock 2012!!

  1. Justine says:

    You’ve gotta be there, girl!!!!

  2. lawnman3 says:

    be there or be square

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