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Tropical Vapors (808 review)

on May 31, 2012

I won a KR808d1 kit in a contest recently. The contest was held by Tropical Vapors. I was very excited to win and couldn’t wait to receive the prize! I am a long time 808 user and always enjoy checking out new kits. I usually order manual batteries because I am a messy refiller and have always been afraid of killing the auto batts. This kit came with 2 280mah sealed auto batteries. No auto battery is truly sealed or it would not allow air flow. They do however move the vent holes to the sides of the post to prevent juice from leaking into the top.

First I recieved a very polite and welcoming email congratulating me and asking what  flavor I prefered. The choices were limited,Tobacco,menthol or RY4. I chose the RY4. I believe the kits come in 18mg which is what a first time user would probably order anyway,so that was fine. I vape anything from 12mg to 24mg. I have not vaped a lot of RY4 in my time so I can’t really say how good the flavor was compared to others. I assume its standard Dekang  juice. The flavor was good and had a nice throat hit which is important to me.

I received the Deluxe 808 E-cigarette starter kit,a box of L-Rider standard resistance blank cartos,and a 30ml bottle of Dekang PG mix 24mg RY4 liquid. Everything was packaged nicely. The kit came in a nice box that held 2 batteries,USB charger,wall adapter and 6 prefilled 18mg RY4 cartos. The kit I received was black. The batteries have a nice feel to them and have that smooth rubberized coating. They have the regular ash cap cover,are standard size and feel very nice in your hand. I was very impressed with the kit for the price it is offered. Its $34.99 and it is a very nice starter kit for anyone looking for a cig sized kit to try vaping. We all know that most new vapers want that first kit to feel like a regular cig and at 18mg with tobacco or menthol this kit fits the bill. It vapes nicely. I totally enjoyed having the auto batts and the real cig feel to it. It was a very cool change for me. A very nice beginner kit for the price.

I have used the kit for a week now and have really enjoyed it.The cartos are nice and refill well. The batts last quite a while for their size and the flavor is good. I would honestly purchase this kit for a friend who wants to try vaping. It’s even a nice kit for those times when a huge mod isn’t suitable. I get enough TH that I feel comfortable using it. It’s a good date night PV. Pretty and functional. Sometimes we need that. This works and its an auto and it has a nice hit so you feel like you are smoking. (but you aren’t!)

So that’s it,my take on the Tropical Vapors Deluxe 808 starter kit. It works,its pretty,it’s packaged nicely and I like it. I am an 808 user so I’ve tried a few different types and this one is a winner. I really enjoyed testing it out. I will  recommend your kit as a well priced, user-friendly and well packaged starter kit. Thank you Tropical Vapors and good luck!–Black_p_57.html#.T704UUVYuHg



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  1. Awesome review, Keyzy!

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