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Helping Vapers. How can we do it?

So my friends and I have been talking about different ways to help fellow vapers. Helping when they have a vaping emergency or are running out of juice before the next check comes in. You see posts all the time on FB where people are in need.  Both of us have been helping people out as much as we can and its a great thing,but sometimes people take advantage of your kindness. They mistake it for stupidity. They come back and want more and more. It doesn’t happen often,but when it does it makes you leery of helping. There has to be a way to help without being taken advantage of. Right?

The other thing is,When someone helps you,you must remember that the items that they give,they had to pay for and then pay to ship it to you. The very least you can do in return is to message them with a quick “Hey,I got it and Thank you for helping me out. ” Dont make them sit and wonder if it ever got there or put them in a position where they have to ask. Its bad manners. Just acknowledge the gesture. It only takes a few moments and it makes the giver feel so much better.

We have been talking about starting a group where people can post a need and others can help.Like the Pay it Forward group. Maybe we could ask for used or unwanted items to be donated so people do not have to deal with the issues personally but know that the stuff is getting to the people who need it. I notice that if a need is posted 20 people reply and will all send stuff,then the next need nobody replies because they all sent it to the same guy. I would love to see each need filled with what is needed and then the rest spread out over several different people. We are always going to have people losing jobs or getting sick and the needs are always going to be there. It would be nice to have a group that keeps track of who needs what and who gets what so everyone can be helped and treated equally. It’s just an idea right now,but it would be awesome if we could do it. Have an emergency stash ready to help.  Maybe I’m crazy.Plus the shipping would be expensive.

Well if anyone has any ideas to add to help us figure this out,just let me know. I wish I could just help everyone on my own but that isn’t going to happen. I could never afford to do it. I guess I just figure that the Vape community has been so good to me and helped me so much when I needed it that it would be cool to be able to help back and keep everyone vaping. I think if we figured out a way to band together,it could happen. A supervised  Rescue place.  Let me know what you think. Would you help a fellow vaper? How can we do it?  Please post ideas.



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