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The Trip To Vapestock!!

on June 7, 2012

I am packing now and getting the car ready for the 8 hour trip to vapestock. We are going to try to leave very early in the morning. I want to get there for Friday night! I honestly can not wait to meet everyone. This will be my first vape meet and I am very excited. I have been chatting with some of these people for almost 3 years. How amazing is it to finally meet them face to face. I’m nervous and I have butterflies in my tummy,LOL!

I plan to take pictures and post them here so everyone can see and be a part of the trip. I will post updates and let you know whats going on. I wish I could take everyone with me but I can’t so this is the best I can do to keep you in the Vapestock loop. I will try to post some pictures Friday night. Check here and I’ll update! I’m so excited!!


Its finally Friday! The car is packed and Im headed out. In 8-9 hours we should be at Vapestock!!

Me and Steve Milin!!

Me,Classy and CES!!!


More meet and greet!!

I will post more today at the meet!! I’m having an awesome time. It’s so cool to meet and hug everyone!!

The Meet and the people!!

The Wicked van!

Wharf and Classy

Vapers Place!!


Random Vape meet room photos.

Sun and Deej!

The Place it all happened!!

Thats it,All my Vapestock photos to share.It was amazing and next year will be even better!! Make plans and do not miss out!!


8 responses to “The Trip To Vapestock!!

  1. Bogey says:

    Have fun Keyzy!! I am sure you will have a great time!!

  2. lawnman3 says:

    Cool. Looks like it will be a blast on Friday evening..

  3. Awesome Keyzy! Glad you’re having a great time! ❤

  4. So happy you are there!

  5. Very cool that you went and got to meet your vaper friends in person!

  6. Peeps says:

    I’ve already told B that we will be there next year! Great pics and I’m so glad you had fun!

  7. Debbie says:

    It was great meeting you! I can’t believe the fun I had!

  8. Jason McRoy says:

    I would love to have been there! It’s only 4 1/2 hours from me. Maybe next time. I am going to start going to some local vape meets though. I am looking forward to that!


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