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Coming Together As A Community

on June 14, 2012

As vapers we belong to a very special community.We pull together in times of need. We share and help and support each other. We have big events where we all get together and party and purchase new and exciting vape supplies. It’s so much fun to get together for a good time and just relax. I think its wonderful that these events are getting so big and so many of us are able to attend and meet our internet vape friends face to face.

So we have proven that we can get together and have fun and throw a great party. What we need to do now is show how we can pull together in times of need. Times when our community is threatened or one of our people is basically in need of help.  I was online yesterday and noticed 2 things that needed to be put in the spotlight for Vapers to be aware of and put some effort into. Can you spare a few moments to help the vape community?

CASAA put out a call to action yesterday. We are having issues in New York with bannings and need to be vocal and deal with the issue. EVERY vaper should answer when there is a call to action because it means our community is being threatened and we need to defend ourselves. Most of the time it takes only a few minutes and cost nothing to help. What excuse do you have for not stepping up? We need to show support. The members of CASAA  do the things they do for the love of this community,to help us and keep us vaping.  Can you not do the same ? Answer the call,Please. It is your responsibility as a vaper. Please just do it. I can not think of a single excuse not to take a few moments to help. Please do it.

The 2nd thing is a vaper in need. We as vapers have a way of coming out to help our own and this is one of those times. We have a member that needs a hand and it doesn’t take much to help. If everyone just helps a tiny bit it will add up and become something big.

Let’s Help Twygg. They are having a raffle with some awesome prizes. You will be doing something good for the community and you even get a chance to win a prize. The most important thing is to just show your support and be a good person and try to help. It’s good for your Karma! We as vapers need to come together and show our love for our fellow vapers. PLEASE check it out and offer some support. It’s just the right thing to do. We need to support each other and help where we can.

Okay. Thats what I wanted to share today. I came out and asked everyone to please do the right thing,improve your Karma and help the vape community. Answer the CASAA call to action today.It takes only a few moments and then go get a raffle ticket or  just make a nice donation for Twygg. 2 simple easy things you can do to help  in the vape community today!!

Thank you for being such a wonderful member of our community.

I know you will do the right thing.



One response to “Coming Together As A Community

  1. Bogey says:

    Thanks so much for putting these in the spotlight Keyzy! Going to go do my part right now!

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