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New Juices I Tried From Vapestock

on June 22, 2012

While at Vapestock I had the opportunity to try many new eliquids. Some of the liquids were from vendors I had not heard much about. I was so thrilled with some of these flavors that I figured it would be nice to share them with the vape community so I’m going to do just that. Let me tell you about a few flavors and vendors that really caught my taste buds.

1st off,I met Deej of He was a friend of a friend and I liked him right away. He is kind of quiet,but very sweet. He was not giving out samples but someone handed me a PV loaded with Cucumber and I took a toke. I never in a million years would have tried a cucumber liquid,but I have to tell you,it was amazing. I was shocked. It’s a clean,fresh flavor. Like biting into a fresh cucumber,but better, The flavor is amazing. I ended up purchasing a bottle of my own and also a bottle of Waterberry Bluemelon.The waterberry Bluemelon is just as nice. Very flavorful,but not strong. His flavors are clean and fresh. Lots of vapor and flavor but yet so clean. I totally enjoy them. The juices I got were 16mg and a 70/30 mix. I would definitely recommend them.

The next big juice on my list is Pharmboy. I met Gary Rainey and liked him right off the bat. He was handing out samples and socializing.  That is exactly what a juice vendor should be doing at a meet. Putting himself out there. It takes courage. He was doing great! The first sample I got from Gary was Poached pear. AMAZING!  It’s like a fresh pear with a bit more sweetness. Like the perfectly ripened pear sweetness,not a fake sweet. YUM!  After trying that I had to ask what other samples he had. I then received a Hibiscus green tea with honey. It was another hit. The hibiscus is more of a scent than a flavor and the touch of honey adds just the right amount of sweet. I will definitely be ordering more of Pharmboys flavors to try. He doesn’t have a website yet,but he has a FB page called Pharmboys  Phans and you can talk to him there. He is an up and coming that I’m sure will be a huge hit. I totally recommend trying his stuff. It is exellent!

I also received samples of a few Flavorz by Joe and Upstomp,both sold by LJ’s E-Smokes. I like LJ’s and I like that they sell for these juice creators. It’s great that the mixers can concentrate on mixing and LJ’s can sell the product. Both Flavorz by Joe and Upstomp have some great and popular flavors. I tried Joes Boy Wonder and Heavens Nectar and both were really good. From Upstomp I tried Cactus Jam and Sunburst,both were excellent. I commend LJ’s for choosing such great juice creators to partner with. Plus LJ’s is a great shop that offers quite a bit more than just juices. They sell hardware at great prices. My friends and I got a few drip shields from them at Vapestock for such a deal. Great prices and service. They are wonderful people to deal with and I will continue to do business with them for as long as I vape. So forever.

Vapedudes was not a presence at Vapestock but did donate to the raffle and I happened to win the samples that they had donated. Vapedudes is a great new company and they have great flavors available. They sell most of the hardware and products that are new and hot. If  you need juice and a few other items it’s a great place to order. I love the Chai. It’s really good. The Ice is a cool additive that makes your flavors seem cold. Like a light menthol. I like Vapedudes.They also offer great discount codes so ask around. I use them and recommend them. Good juices!

I also met the Italian boys from Flavor Art. Amazing guys who are doing amazing things for our community.They did testing on the exhaled vapor,the findings were in our favor(Thank the Lord).They also have a video about the bans. I will have to post a link to the video about it. They handed out more eliquid than you can even imagine. They put boxes and bowls full on all the tables. I managed to snag a few 10ml bottles myself. I got a wonderful cuban Supreme flavor thats almost nutty on the exhale and something called Latakia that seems like a smokey neutral flavor with a ton of vapor. Both good. Thank you to the Italian Boys!

So that’s it,My tale of juices from Vapestock. Lots of samples to try and lots of very nice surprises. Try something new. Try out one of these great vendors. I will only recommend the ones I myself  have vaped. Not all the juices I tried were wonderful but I will let the yuckier ones slide by and not create a drama.  I  would feel bad if I were to insult someones favorite. I posted the highlights. The best ones I tried.  That is all I can do. Thanks for reading and following my blog!!



3 responses to “New Juices I Tried From Vapestock

  1. Bogey says:

    Great information Keyzy! That cucumber sounds very interesting. Not ususally one for savory flavors but always willing to give anything a try once. Thanks for the write up and letting us know about these vendors.

  2. Emma (Fisty) says:

    I’m a huge Pharmboy fan, I like almost everything of his I’ve tried. I have the pleasure of living very close to him so of course I know him and recommend his juice whenever I have the opportunity. It’s great to see him getting some more wide spread exposure. Thanks!

  3. Jason McRoy says:

    Cool. You gave me some ideas to try during my DIY juice mixes. Thanks! -Jason

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