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Stuff Vapers Should know.


I have seen a few interesting tid bits of info in the Vaping groups lately and figured I would share.  I try to check things out pretty well before I post it here,but I can only share what I see and hear  so if I’m wrong feel free to correct me. I’ll listen.

The 1st is an ongoing issue that finally came to a head in one group after this man posted this video.

It turned into quite the interesting thread about his business and the things he does and why he does them. He admitted to mislabeling the nic content on bottles and letting the juice go out to a customer. He talked about the people who win his contests and him not having the proper prizes offered and when people got upset he then felt they didn’t deserve to receive the prizes anyways. He admitted to posting people’s personal info from orders on his website in FB groups and forums without permission. He admitted to becoming upset that certain people criticized his product so he called them liars in publicly posted videos. Then he said he would remove this very video,but he didn’t. It went on and on. It was quite shocking to see a vendor behave this way. I for one will not be using his products or entering any contests he runs. I feel it’s better for me to just avoid the whole thing. This whole conversation took place in The Cove,but many people have copies of it just for proof in case it was deleted. It was upsetting to read and almost 500 comments long. It upset me to watch him admit so much but never admit that it was wrong and he continually blames everyone else for his issues. It’s over and done with but its something people should be aware of. I think people should know what they are getting into by ordering or dealing with this. We have to many wonderful vendors in our community to deal with stuff  like this.

Another issue was talked about on Click Bang! last night with Russ Wishtart. It was about someone called Taz Vapor. Russ played an audio clip of this person explaining how to get free stuff from VapeTeam on Elixer. The guy (Taz Vapor) went into detail about how to use tricks to hide your phone # when you call in to get a free kit only available to new vapers. It sure seemed to me that he was trying to teach people how to scam a free kit. Why else would you need to hide your phone #? I could be wrong,but it didn’t seem right to me. If a new vaper needs a kit,they can just call in and ask. No need to be sneaky about it and hide your #. Be honest and up front. They want to help!

My final issue today was posted this morning by James Dunworth in Vapers Network. It seems that FB has deleted their page.  The page had over 14000 fans and was deleted for promoting Ecigs. That is not good at all!! I’m waiting to see if more pages disappear and to find out whats actually going on here. I don’t see why FB would want to eradicate Ecig promoters. It just doesn’t make sense to me. I guess I’ll post another blog when we get some answers. Keep an eye on your pages and let me know if they get deleted. This is not good for our Vaping community.

Ok, Thats it for now. I gave you a few things to think about and be aware of. Thats all I can do. I want to keep our little community on the up and up and if we are all aware of what going on it makes it harder for people to get away with things. It’s up to us to protect each other and keep ourselves from being taken advantage of. Keep an eye out for the disappearing pages. We may need to figure out an alternative way of doing things. They like to put bumps in the road to slow us down,but we will get there. They can not stop us. We have come to far!!



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