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Rip Offs Are Not Cool/No Names Mentioned!

on August 9, 2012

I notice we have had issues lately with a few Vendors. The problem for me is the fanboys that defend them. Why would you purposely delete posts that warn new members that there is an issue? Let the vendor defend himself and let the members see how he does it. If he refuses to face the issue and keeps resorting to a poor me attitude,its bad. If he ignores legitimate questions,it’s a problem. If he blocks people who ask the real questions,It’s a high-flying red flag. People have a right to know what they are dealing with. If I order a 30ml of liquid and some hardware from a vendors site,I expect to fill out the info on the site of exactly what I want and have it sent to me. I don’t want personal phone calls discussing why and what I vape. I don’t want a vendor telling me I can talk to him and trust him with my personal issues.I want service! It’s a business transaction. It should not ever get personal unless you become friends over a period of time and choose to have a friendship with someone. Then after all this personal attention,they send you 3 or 4 times what you ordered,its creepy. It’s just creepy. I do not want someone like this to have my personal info. I have seen it turn bad when all of a sudden your info is posted in a group and people are flipping out. Its wrong. I know a few friends will get mad at me for posting this but hey,it’s the truth. I’m not sugar-coating it. Ask around before you order. See if it’s a trustworthy vendor or if people are having problems with them. ASK! Most people will tell you honestly what they think or refer you to info about the vendor that is questionable. If it’s a vendor you have not ordered from before,ask around. It only takes a few minutes and it could save you some cash and stress. Don’t get sucked in by freebies and overly concerned vendors that post in every thread in every group offering help and guidance. Something isn’t right if they have to do that. They should have their own group and offer help there,not hunting around everywhere looking for customers. Like I said,something isn’t right there. Be aware.

The other issue is if you see someone posting and they ask your opinion,be honest.Dont down a vendor because they asked you to return something because you claim its faulty. I have watched people call out vendors for stuff like this and its wrong.Do you go back to any other stores and ask for a replacement without returning the product?? I don’t think so. To many people are trying to get something for nothing. They want to keep the item and get another one. How is that fair? They didnt rip you off. They asked you to be fair. Be honest and let new members know the truth,say I had to send back a defective product and then they replaced it. Tell new members if a company is trustworthy and about shipping times,prices and customer service. Tell them the truth so they feel confident using or not using a company. Dont turn it into a personal drama. Just give the facts and walk away. By all means if you paid for something and never received it let everyone know. If they refuse to exchange a faulty item,let it be known. A big one for me is when they tell me its user error and I have been vaping 3x as long as they have. Own up to faulty products,don’t blame the customer.Thats not cool. Lets just be honest and help the new guys not get ripped off. We have so many small vape shops popping up,we need to make sure the ones that are honest and have the best prices and customer service are the ones that get used.  Dont sit back and do nothing when you see a new member talking about placing an order with a bad company. Speak up. Lets do the right thing and be honest with the new guys. Its only fair. People helped us,so its only right to do the same for someone else.

I saw a member making a comeback today selling tanks, I posted. I read so many complaints a few months back about this person not sending stuff out after people paid for it.  No excuses. Months people waited and some never ever got the products they paid for. That is just wrong and do you think we are just going to sit back and watch it happen again.NOT! You may be an awesome guy,an artist,and so creative,but a rip off is a rip off. I’m calling you on it. I’m not going to sit back and watch it happen again with a new group of people. I’m just not.  Hate me for it,not a problem. Just don’t rip off my fellow vapers please. It makes me angry when people get hurt. It is very wrong to take advantage of the people who took a risk ordering from a brand new vendor. You blew it in my book.

So that’s my list of things that needed to be put out there this time. ASK QUESTIONS! Ask about vendors. Ask people what they think.Then make your choices on where to order and what to order. We are all here to share info on our vaping experiences and offer help. Ask more than one person,get a few opinions and make informed choices. Dont get ripped off or get sucked into a bunch of drama. Vapers are usually very helpful people. We all want you to get what you need to succeed. We want vaping to work for you. Just Ask. I for one will always tell you what I know,sometimes even if you don’t want to hear it.



8 responses to “Rip Offs Are Not Cool/No Names Mentioned!

  1. Terri says:

    Absolutely agree with every word of what you said !!! I have had the good fortune of dealing with a handful of wonderful vendors. The best way to find out is always to ask around. Hate to see people get burned. I recently ordered a device, it was defective, returned it and the vendor was wonderful about testing the replacement before it shipped out. It’s a business, so be a good customer. If the vendor wants your repeat business, most likely they will have good customer service and decent prices. As the vaping community grows, we as vapers need to share info, the good, the bad and the ugly!

  2. I have no problem with giving a vendor my phone number in case there is a question with my order. But, when that same vendor calls as soon as you place the order and doesn’t have any questions about the order and instead starts asking “How’s everything in real life? Are you doing ok?” then I start having an issue. Not only that, but he called me no less than 15 times about that one order. It was creepy. When I received the juice, it was awful! After doing an honest yet polite juice review, I was once again bombarded with phone calls accusing my taste buds of being nefarious. No other vendor behaves this way and even if the juice was out of this world awesome, I’d never order from him again.

  3. Zain says:

    I like reminding folks that it IS possible to disagree and debate without making it personal through unnecessary abuse. I agree 100% that it is fair to air problems publicly, so long as the facts are stuck to and it’s civil. After all, vendors are trading publicly. I feel a lot of times it’s not the vendors’ fault in cases of failures, but more the manufacturers’, particularly the larger mass-producers who seem untouchable by it and have no care about ripping others ideas off to make a buck…

    I’ve said before and will again, the vaping industry is about MUCH more than money. You wouldn’t know it the way some carry on and It’s sad that those types can’t see that in the long run, they will lose out.

    Caveat emptor! (Let the buyer beware.)

  4. Bim says:

    I wish someone would name the vendor. Not all read forums or reviews. Very much appreciated if someone can pm me who this vendor is. Much thanks. +1 on all points 🙂

  5. John Connell says:

    When a vender completely went left field and sent me multiple wrong juice strengths and flavors during one of my manic paydays in early vaping, I emailed and they emailed me their apology and made it right. To err is human, When this is a pattern in a person that is short term and associated with “new to business” and they step up and correct it, vape on brother (or sister). When you can track the problem into the 90’s and it is associated with multiple different businesses and appears to be a pattern. Then there is an issue.

    The bigger problem is that the first is a business error and it is rectified within, we praise the vender as having good customer service. The second is what I call too many good ideas, too much business and not enough time. When a vender fails here they either are gone or come back with a model and a purpose that is projected into the community and there is healing through experience and reflection. The last is so incredibly obvious to many and PM’s tend to fly. Public reply is complicated by the fact that the entity is more skilled in evasive behaviors, knows how to manage these conflicts and is often accompanied by lawyers (not a lawyer smashing, it is their job); the fear of which makes discussion impossible.

    If you can’t talk about it and feel that by talking about it you are at risk, then Houston we have a problem. Vapers, there is an elephant in the living room. Again.

    Great and timely post.

  6. christopher krodel says:

    This is a GREAT post,and the comments are also very thoughtful & thought provoking…However,I have been around for quite a while and have no idea who is being referred to in this dialogue? I order from several vendors,depending on my needs at the time. I do mainly go by word of mouth,but I’m very curious if one or more of these vendors are shady?

    I have had bad experiences (wrong juice,wrong ratio,bad hardware) and I always give the sender the opportunity to make it right. I know everyone has their own expectations,so having a “list” of bad vendors is a bad idea,especially when egos come into play,but I would really like to know if there are people getting ripped off!!

    • John Connell says:

      Agree with all except the idea of a list of bad venders. A list of venders to use with caution is an alert for the vender to step up to the plate or be marked as not caring and having an attitude of superiority. Experience has taught me that the vender who is open to critique is the one that is willing to change paths if needed. This is still a word of mouth industry, at present reputation is everything.

      When a vender is listed as cautionary, then that vender must be able to voice their input and be heard. It is in the tone of the response one sees that the customer is always right model tends to be the winning approach.

      Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. I have half a dozen bottles of liquid that I purchased from liked sources that I give away because my adventure was met with a finding of distaste each month or two. I also have juices I adore and others think are not their choice.

      Not everyone would vape some of the juices I prize. That is my taste not the venders. It’s just the way it is, somethings will never change.

  7. Dennis says:

    Keyzygirl your awesum!!

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