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Positive Actions!

on August 17, 2012

Lets try this,Lets all try to be positive and helpful today. The vape community is a wonderful thing. We are all here to do something very positive. We all want to quit smoking and lead healthier lives. It’s a huge step in a very positive direction. Lets help each other. Lets be supportive and make sure that we all succeed in this.

When you see a new member who has questions,try to answer or point them in the right direction to get the information they need. I don’t always know the answer but I usually know of a company,group or person that I can point them to for help. Sometimes its just a few words of encouragement that they need. Be the person that helps. Be a positive influence.

If someone posts a milestone,I don’t care if it’s a day,a week or a year,congratulate them. Every step is huge when your trying to quit smoking. When you have been smoking for years and years just making it through the first day without smoking IS HUGE!!  Make sure you take a minute to let them know that you get it. You know what a big accomplishment it is. We are a support system. Be supportive! Ecigs work,but everyone needs support.

If people ask for advice on products or vendors try to help. Tell them what works for you and who your trusted vendors are. We have a lot of new vendors popping up all the time,some great and some not. Lets make sure that others have a good experience. Recommend vendors that you have used and have received good products and great customer service from. We want the vendors that make an effort and support the community to do well. We want to keep them around. You don’t have to down the bad ones,just recommend the good ones and tell why you use them. A few positive reports can help build a strong reputation for a company. All companies are going to have fans and haters. Try not to be a hater. If a company has sold you inferior products or refused to make thing right and you see someone is going to use them, just suggest they don’t and recommend a better shop. Explain why without being a hater. Just use facts. The truth is always the best answer. We want people to have a positive experience so they will continue vaping. Getting ripped off or treated unfairly can make people lose interest. Some of us are on a tight budget and need to make good choices. Be helpful and help them make a good choice. Take a minute and help them have a good experience.

The vape community belongs to all of us,you don’t have to be a hot-shot or a techy to be helpful. Everyone has something to offer. Everyone has advice to share or can give a little support. We make this community what it is. If everyone keeps a positive attitude and offers a little help,it makes a difference. Be that person. We are all trying to be smoke free and its a huge change. Lets help each other succeed. Try to make a difference today. Lets kick the drama and bull out the door and do the right thing today. Lets just help each other improve our lives. That is what we are here for!! That is what makes the vape community so awesome! Lets do it!!





2 responses to “Positive Actions!

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  2. wdstckdr says:

    Let’s see, be positive, honest and leave the drama for Radio Talk Show hosts. Sounds simple enough. There is nothing wrong with expressing concern about a product or a vender. The problem lies in the current system, and that is one that is not easily overcome. ECF and other Forums have been the place where we tend to look for information. Still there is the wolf guarding the chickenhouse feel to forums at times (and that is my own opinion and not directed at ECF which is outstanding on the whole). There is no independent resource for the quality of mods, vapes and accessories. That is something that has not come from the venders, maybe it needs to come from the vapers.

    Nailed again Keyzy, nice piece!

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