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Where Will We Go? Be Prepared!!

on September 11, 2012

I’m sure most of you have heard about Facebook deleting ecig pages without warning or reason. They claim that tobacco products sales is an issue with the FB TOS . If that is truthful,why would they leave cigar and cigarette pages alone and delete ecigs. It really makes no sense and I would be more apt to believe that our little Anti groups or,maybe big tobacco and Pharma with their big budgets have something to do with it. Either way,it appears that it’s an attack on ecigs. We have to be prepared for it to escalate into something bigger. We have a huge standing on FB and if we lose that we must have alternative sites to keep us connected. We need to be able to communicate,buy,sell and have our support systems in place. We need to have things set up and running just in case it happens.

I have been looking around and a few new sites have been started. People are starting to expand beyond the regular forums and FB. It’s important to join and spread your ties out a bit so that you are not left out of the loop.Even for smaller vendors who use FB pages to sell and as groups. Join and be ready in case your page is deleted. I’m not saying it’s going to happen tomorrow,or even at all,but it’s very possible and it’s always best to be prepared and connected. So here’s a few new places to consider.If you know of others,feel free to leave a comment with a link so we can check them out to. It’s up to us to be a step ahead when they try to knock us down. We will not fall,we will just move on and continue elsewhere. We have become much to big to be taken down by these little attacks. As long as we are a step ahead,we will be fine.

This is the link to Coffee And A Vape

I have joined and its a pretty cool new site. Feel free to friend me if you join.

This one is called Vaper Pile and also looks like a winner.

This last one I found posted about this morning and its kind of like a FB type set up with groups and a news feed.I think I’m going to really like it once we get more people to join and it grows a bit. Its called Facevape.  Kind of a cool name,right?

I’m just trying to make sure we are all prepared and we as vapers are able to stay connected if we are ever shut down on FB. I can not understand why we would be deleted and cigar and cigarette pages left alone,but hey,who would think that they would keep trying to knock out a viable safer alternative to smoking. They would prefer we take drugs or patches or one of the other failing quit smoking aides made available through Pharma. It seems they would almost prefer we keep smoking and get sick and then depend on Pharma for meds that don’t work to help us there too.  I just don’t get it. Vaping is such a great thing that they are afraid of us,they fear the truth getting out and helping others to quit and succeed. AMAZING!

OK,so find a few groups to join to keep yourself in the loop. Add any new groups that you want to share. Just add it in the comments so we have options. Not everyone fits in every group so look around and share info with your friends if you find a group that you think someone will be comfy in. It’s up to us to keep our community going strong. The more places we have the harder it is for them to hurt us. We need places for our vendors,for our reviews and new products but mostly for our community to thrive. We need to be proactive and supportive to our fellow vapors. Lets hope we are overreacting and its no big deal,but let’s be ready just in case!!



4 responses to “Where Will We Go? Be Prepared!!

  1. Redneck says:

    Hey there is another one hosted bt elixir tv called check it out

  2. Well i forgot LOL http://www.vapors Radio also has a Social media and Fourm on the station page.. Vape, Listen to music and be Social. Vapors Radio 4 Vapers By Vapers

  3. Jacques Dupuis says:

    Why no info on Google+?

    Jacques “JD” Dupuis

    “What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” ~ Hitchens

    On Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 2:39 PM, Keyzygirls Vape Blog wrote:

    > ** > keyzygirlsecigvapeblog posted: “I’m sure most of you have heard about > Facebook deleting ecig pages without warning or reason. They claim that > tobacco products sales is an issue with the FB TOS . If that is > truthful,why would they leave cigar and cigarette pages alone and delete > ecigs. I”

  4. On the money again, the independence of the community is essential as is the privacy that is slightly more protected without a FB or G+ platform. FB and such are still important portals for new vapers to find information and I would hoe there will not be a mass exodus. The times they are a changin’, and we can only be players if we stay united.

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