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Personal Issues with FaceBook Peeps. A Rant!

on September 17, 2012

I have a few issues with FB lately. I know,so what! Right?  Well it makes me upset so I’m going to tell you ALLLLLL about it. Its stupid stuff,but it could happen to you. It can happen to anyone. We like to think we are above the drama and stuff but nobody is. People like to create drama. I don’t know why,maybe it makes them feel powerful or important. In truth it makes you a loser. Leave people alone,if you don’t like them,ignore them or block them. Dont create drama just for something to do. Get a hobby or read a book.

I was reported to FB for sending a friend request. I posted about it and also posted an open invitation to anyone who wants to be friends. Send me a request! I’m not sending friend requests anymore. I will just be gladly accepting requests. It’s not worth the risk of having my account deleted.  I just had to post this because I can’t understand why someone would report someone for attempting to be friends. Its crazy. If you do not like me and choose not to be my friend its fine. Ignore the request. Reporting me is just stupid and mean. It’s a darn social network right??? So I get in trouble for being social. You reported me for being social?? Thats just DUMB!

The next issue is DRAMA IN GROUPS! It’s a long story.  I have been known to speak my mind. I have been known to stick up for someone being unfairly attacked. I have even been known to speak up when a supplier is doing something shady or inappropriate. Yup,I do speak up,I do that, BUT I do not go around starting trouble or causing issues or attacking people. I just give my personal opinion when it’s needed or asked for,LOL!!

I got booted from my first group the other day. First time ever!! It was a small group,one that I helped a GIRL start so she could have a place to meet people and socialize with other new vapers. I added people I knew and tried to make it a cool little spot.  The group has had issues before and people were unfairly booted and some left to avoid the drama. No group is without issues but this one instead of dealing honestly and working it out,people get booted. It’s not right. I only stayed to keep an eye on it and make sure people were not unfairly booted anymore. Then about 2 weeks or so ago a juice vendor that has had quite a few issues started posting and of course creating drama,so I posted and we had a discussion that several people joined in on and we all  agreed and we told the vendor that this group was NOT a place to dump his drama and if he did not stop  he would have to leave. He chose to leave. I did not boot him,it was his choice. The issue was over and all went back to normal. Then over a week later a woman bumped the posts and started making rude comments,she was just trying to stir the pot. NEED A BIGGER SPOON??? She made comments trying to restart the drama. I told her it was over. The posts were old. It had all been settled. She PMed the admin GIRL complaining and she started a new post about it. I again posted that the drama was over and she needed to let it go. Later I deleted the posts so that no further drama would start. I usually don’t delete,but she wouldn’t let it go so I figured it was best.She started another thread saying It must have been a dream. Ya,well if it was a dream it wouldn’t have caused so much trouble.I wouldn’t  have been booted from the group. They did figure it all out and realized that it was not me that caused the issues,it was the woman who kept dragging up old posts. I think maybe she was confused or something. They invited me back. The GIRL I helped start the group then sent a PM saying her computer screwed up and it deleted me from the group and her friends list and everything else. Darn computer,someone was coming out to fix it. She just can’t imagine how it happened. Well here’s a clue for ya. ASK! Talk to people before you believe the worst, and when you do screw up ADMIT IT!!! Dont tell a lie about your computer screwing up. Just admit that you banned and deleted me and hurt my feelings for no reason without even checking to see what happened. That I could maybe forgive. The way you did it,not so much.  You can not expect me to act like nothing happened and it was a computer error. I’m not stupid and my feelings were hurt by it. A friend wouldn’t have done that! I was just trying to keep the drama out and do the right thing. I know this paragraph is full of drama,but I had to post it to make my point. Sorry.

Thats it,rant over. If you have an issue with someone on FB or in a forum or group,either ask them about it and give them a chance and be fair or you can just ignore it. Dont attack people just because someone told you too. I try to be nice to everyone.I try to be a positive influence in the vape community. Lately I feel like I’m under attack from people who just don’t get it. Someone told me this morning that it’s because some people are jealous of me. Well I can’t understand why. I try to be nice,to be fair and helpful. Thats all I try to do. I’m not one of the big fancy vapers. I’m just me.  I do the best I can to do the right things here. I try to help. I just think that we are all vapers,we are mostly all friends and we need to treat each other with a little respect. Do not gang up on or report someone unless you have a damn good reason and proof that they are causing an issue in our community like ripping people off,giving out personal info or causing harm. We do need to protect the community but we also need to be kind and respectful to each other. ASK,check things out before you jump in. You could be attacking an innocent person. Check the facts. OK,Less attacks and more facts. Be nice and be kind. Let’s try to be understanding.



7 responses to “Personal Issues with FaceBook Peeps. A Rant!

  1. I agree 100%!! Thank YOU for not booting me!! 🙂

    • Lisa Mechele says:

      don’t feel bad it happened to me too! i’m not crying though because i don’t give a rats azz and neither should you!!! vape on!!! 🙂

  2. Temple Noble says:

    Sorry you are hurt you do not deserve it. I was booted from a group and I understand, it is hurtful but remember all groups don’t just accuse and ban keep being active in those. 🙂

  3. Hopefully you’re learning a lesson… it is grand time that you totally move to Google+ 😎

  4. Joyce says:

    Happened to me too girl! I got booted from a group where I was Admin and was never questioned in accusations that were leveled against me by the ONE nameless person who was actually demeaning the woman who started the group that I got kicked out of! I was called a bitch and a liar and really?? I don’t give a rat’s ass, (yeah you know who I am) if it was that easy for them to turn on me…And the witch (termed loosely), who got me booted has left that group too! Too friggin hysterical! I guess the Karma bus picked her up….No worries Keyzygirl, you are a fantastic person! Keep your head up!!!

  5. Maybe this is the true message of Facebook.
    1. Human interactions and human connections are not served well by cyber contact alone.
    2. We understand others better and socially connect when we have the whole picture,
    3. Predation can be an emotional attack.
    4. Mean people suck.
    5. Beauty is deeply entrenched in certain people, they shine on Fb, but they also are the ones that are often attacked. See 3 and 4 above.

    It is not to say that there is no place for groups. It is just to say that reality is beautifully defined by Keyzy- and in the words of Jagger and Keith- “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.”

    Vaper Love ❤ is truly the majority.

  6. eciglopedia says:

    keyzygirl you rock the ecig community-do not ever change because you are the bestest friend ever. i agree they are jealous….

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