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Make It Easy For Me Please!!

I have been vaping for a while now, about 3 1/2 years. I started back in the Dark ages of vaping when we were stuffing our cartridges with blue foam and tea bags. It was crazy. I had to carry a wad of paper towels everywhere I went. The 801s leaked like crazy and the 510s we had were not much better. Then we got cartomizers and things got a little better but the taste was so muted it took a while to adjust to it. The concept was better,but not the taste.

We have come a long way. Every day we move ahead. The mods we have to today are unbelievable. Some are total function and others are like works of art.  Most people are all about VV. They seem to think if you don’t have a high end VV device you are not one of the cool kids. I disagree,I figure to each his own. Some people are perfectly happy with 3.7v and when they want a boost they lower the resistance a bit and others like 5v or 6v and raise the resistance when needed. I myself am  mostly a 5v vaper. The VV stuff is just to delicate for me,and there is more to go wrong. Give me a good sturdy 5v mod with a lifetime warranty and I can switch my atty to change the vape. It just works for me. Like I said, we are all different. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself from smoking!

My latest dilemma is rebuildables  . I really want to go for it,but I’m not feeling it. I am worried about spending the money and having it not work for me. I have a hard time with the resistance stuff. I do not even own a meter. I know,I’m lame. I guess I’m old school and still trying to move forward. I did get a Vivi and a Vision, the kind that you can change the head. Thats as far as I got. I love that you can switch them out,but then I heard you could also rebuild them. Hmmmm,again with the rebuildable. I guess I’m going to have to get a meter and do this.  First thing I’m going to do is watch this video. Then if I understand it I will invest in the proper supplies. ( after I PM 10 people and ask for more advice and guidance.) I will move forward into the new age of vaping!! Probably…

How to re-wick & re-coil a Vivi Nova head

A demonstration on how to replace the wick and coil on a Vivi Nova head.
IF!! If I can rebuild this Vivi head,I will then try a rebuildable atty. I really want to. I saw this one posted and I like the size of it.
I have no idea what it’s called,I just like the size and shape. Its upside down here I think,but you get the idea. I want to start with a cheaper one so I can see if I am able to handle it. Why get in over my head,right? Start in the shallow end where things are affordable. That is how I roll.  I’m on a super tight budget lately. It takes a lot for me to spring for a new toy. I am nervous about spending money on this stuff. I figure I’ll need a meter,an atty,wick,wire and who knows what else. That is a big investment for me,LOL!  That is mostly the reason I keep putting it off. I am ready to try though. Any help or advice is welcome.
Well That was my blog for the day. If you are on the fence about all this new rebuildable stuff just know that I’m sitting right beside you on that fence. It’s a big step. I say we start small and get our feet wet and see what it’s all about. It could end up saving us money and working out better than what we are using. I get kind of sick every time I have to throw away cartos or CE4s. It seems so wasteful. Maybe these rebuildable things are the answer. I will for sure let you know what I think when I get one. Baby steps!

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