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Ecigarette Advertisements Posters and TV Ads.

on October 8, 2012

I have noticed quite a few posters popping up around town for ecigs. Almost every gas station or supermarket has a little poster hanging up advertising ecigs. I think its wonderful. I believe that anything that spreads the word and creates curiosity is great. Remember when all you saw at the gas stations were cigarette posters for every different brand? Now we get our turn at that and its good!

I see so many little displays for the disposable ecigs. YES,it’s over priced,yes its lower quality,BUT it does work. It gets people interested and then they do the research to find better things. Its like the gateway to the ecig world.

 Now that big tobacco companies have entered the picture we will see some big money spent on advertising. Yes we hate to see them profit,BUT they are doing us a favor by making ecigs readily available and acceptable in the public eye. If people see it every day and it seems to be a normal thing,they accept it.  Then when people are ready to move on,they find us. The real ecig users. They find out there’s a whole new culture out here making things better and testing new products. I don’t really see how it can hurt us unless they make faulty products and cause issues that way. I don’t imagine they would. They know that the anti smokers are trying to bring them down and promote abstinence and ecigs are a highly successful alternative to smoking. It could work to their benefit to be in our court. Imagine the issues between big Pharma and Big Tobacco,LOL!! We may see a war brewing.  I know that’s hard to believe,but if one is trying to knock us out and one is joining us in the game,it could get interesting. Both have more money and pull than God and it would be an interesting fight. Wait and see,it could get heated.

The bottom line is the more we are put in the public eye,the better it is. The more positive press the better. I know I smile when I see the little posters and disposable ecig stands everywhere. It gets the word out. It creates interest and it gets people to take that first step to quit. It brings them right to us. Thank you Big Tobacco,for all you do!! Spend those big bucks putting ecigs into the public eye.




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