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Vapers Need To Know!!

on October 10, 2012

We have a lot going on in our little vape community right now. We know that eventually the FDA or some government agency will step in and try to regulate our vaping products. Its inevitable. We have a few groups that are trying to help us to self regulate and get a jump on setting up rules and guidelines to keep us safe. I believe they hope to have some voice or at least some input when the FDA does come in. Its needed but how should it be handled? How much should it cost? Are the fees to high for the smaller vendors to pay?  Who do we trust with the future of our eliquids and products? Who will work for our community and not for profit? We have choices,but who is better? How do we figure this out? Do we have a voice at all? I have no idea so I’m asking for opinions. What do you think about all this?

Read the links,get some info and let us know what you think.

Tonight “The AEMSA Speaks Out” Board members of this new eliquid trade association speak with members of The VapeTeam about their organization. Community members are invited to call in to ask questions of the board. All are welcome to call in.

The VP Live team will also be talking about Vapercon events, show schedules, and giveaways. 9:30 pm EST

Vapers Place – Watch Live – Vape Team Live

VP LIVE Vape Team
This is all the info,go to the links and read what they have to offer and then tune in and watch the show. We may get some answers.

one group…..

This is the brand new group that just came out that will be on VP Live……

It’s all very important and will eventually have an effect on our community. What do you think? Leave a comment and let us know.


One response to “Vapers Need To Know!!

  1. The we will see is apparent and the guild’s transparency and how it effects areas outside of quality standards are going to be the real evidence that tells us if this is good for vapiing as a whole. The bottom line will be product; cost, availability and variety may be significantly changed by this action. We all wanted it to occur. It has and the haves are in the lead positions.

    Maybe the consumers need their own association. The AARP of vaping. A small yearly fee, 10% off Avis rental cars and vaping discounts in hotels (helps keep the tobacco in the bathroom use in non-smoking rooms down as well as the lessening of window damage to high rise hotels). Text me and I’ll start printing cards and calling Marriotts.

    Nice one again Keyzy!

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