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How Ridiculous Are People?? and Why??

on November 14, 2012

This article really upset me. It’s just bull.

 liquid Nicotine Can Poison Children

Its claiming that liquid nicotine is deadly to our children. It is, but read the article. Is it more deadly than any number of other things that we have in our homes? Lets look at the fact that Kristin posted in the CASAA group.

I always admire Kristin,she gets right to the facts.


“Before we start declaring electronic cigarettes as a major risk for child poisonings, let’s have some perspective on poisonings from the Poison Data System of the American Association of Poison Control Centers for 2010 (most recent available):

Tobacco products total exposures: 8,335 (Children Under 12: 89%)
Deaths: 0 Major injury: 0 Moderate: 151 Minor: 1,773

Pharmaceutical nicotine product total exposures: 1,231 (Children under 12: 13%)
Deaths: 0 Major injury: 0 Moderate: 51 Minor: 234

E-cigarette/nicotine liquid total exposures: 29 (Children under 12: 21%)
Deaths: 0 Major injury: 0 Moderate: 1 Minor: 11

Compared to…

Household Cleaners total exposures: 180,493 (Children under 12: 65%)
Deaths: 21 Major injury: 194 Moderate: 4,492 Minor: 71,219

Food Poisoning total exposures: 24,514 (Children under 12: 22%)
Deaths: 9 Major injury: 34 Moderate: 1,394 Minor: 5,795

So that’s interesting. They shade the facts to make them look much worse for ecigs.
Its called a scare tactic.
FACT- Most adults know enough to keep any chemicals away from children. Sometimes children get hurt and the cause is that a parent accidentally left the Clorox or Lysol or any number of other things within reach. That is why it is called an accidental poisoning. It’s an accident! Will we outlaw all cleaning supplies and anything else that has ever harmed a child. Like food? or water? or anything they could possibly have a reaction to,like peanut butter?? Hmmmm.
Here is a link to another interesting article done by Ecig Advanced.
They must have read the first article posted and got as angry as I did. I read it and its good.
Notes on Child Nicotine Poisoning and Ecigs Read it.
Its much more truthful than the first one posted. Honesty is the best policy. Right?
Tell that to the people who don’t believe in THR.
This one is the kicker!!  It pretty much proves my point and drives it home.
FCTC Delegates Warned Not to Undermine Benefits of Cigarette Alternatives.
They have to be told not to lie. How crazy is it that they know they are causing harm,or death, and yet they continue to do it. They have to be told like children that its wrong and they need to stop. Maybe we should get some big old time out chairs and put their butts in them every time they lie to everyone. Ooops,you printed or spoke another harmful lie,go sit in the time out chair while we figure out how many people you killed and what your punishment should be. Then get them a jury.



One response to “How Ridiculous Are People?? and Why??

  1. Davanna says:

    Thanks for your informative blog posts. There is a lot of misinformation out there.

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