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How To Be A Good Vaper!

on December 6, 2012

486913_10151083513868590_1927587101_nOkay,so you want to be a good vaper. It’s very simple. I will give you a few simple rules to follow. It’s up to you,this is not something set in stone. It’s just my opinion on the subject so don’t get your panties in a bunch if you disagree. I have fun writing so you can enjoy reading. I’m here to keep it positive. I love this community and everyone in it!! I just like to help and share my opinions.

Rule # 1) Be committed. Not everyone quits smoking on day one. Sometimes its a matter of finding the right set-up and liquids that will satisfy you. For some people this takes a little time. Dont get discouraged. I know some of us are on a super tight budget and spending more on different gear and juices is soooo frustrating but it takes a little investment to get going and eventually it will save you money. ASK QUESTIONS!! We have many vapers that have gone through it and are more than happy to help and give advice on what may work for you. Get as many answers as you can and work from there. DO NOT GIVE UP!! You can do it!

Rule #2) Dont be afraid to try something different. Step outside your comfort zone. Most vapers start with a cig lookalike and a tobacco flavor. I tried it and it was not satisfying at all. I loved the concept and the feel,but needed something more. Try some weird flavors,try a bigger battery so you are not constantly charging batts. Try that tank or funky looking atty. Experiment with different things. That is how we find our sweet spot. Our nirvana of vaping. Our All day vape!! Dont be afraid. Just go for it!!

Rule #3) ASK! Ask,ask,ask. We have so many wonderful vaping groups filled with so many kind people who are just waiting to help.  If you do not ask you will not learn. You can spend hours looking for info or you can just ask. People will either help you or point you in the right direction to find an answer. It doesn’t have to be frustrating. Just ask. If you meet a smartass now and then,just ignore them and be thankful for the many others that jump in to help you. Most vapers are super helpful because we have all been there. We have all been through the quitting stage and then onto finding things that fulfill our needs. ASK! Vapers will help! It’s a fact.

Rule #4) BE NICE! Sometimes its easy to get frustrated with products,suppliers or even people in our vaping groups but try to maintain a positive outlook. We all have lives and you never know what people are going through that day. Do not get hurt or angry because someone or something is not doing what you think its supposed to. Sit back,take a deep breath and give it another try. If you see someone else in need of some support,be supportive. Help out. Sometimes it only takes a moment to turn someones day around. Be that person. Congratulate people for their milestones,help them find a product they need or just say Hello and welcome someone new. Like I said it only takes a moment to be nice and sometimes that small kindness turns into a wonderful friendship. Vapers are like family. They welcome everyone and accept them as they are. Quirks and all. That is the beauty of this community. Just be nice and see how far it goes.

Rule #5) SHARE! Sharing is caring and with vaping it can be a godsend. We all end up with those juices or products that didn’t work out for us. Pass it on. We have so many new and tight budget vapers that can use a hand. It feels good to help and it feels good to see the stuff we are not going to use being used by someone who appreciates it. If you are on a tight budget ask people to trade with you so you both get to try something new. Sharing is a huge part of the vaping community. I would much rather feel like I helped someone than look at something and feel that I wasted my money. Just because you didn’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not a good thing. Someone else may love it!! SHARE!! If we all make an effort to share it will make it so much easier and we can all try something new. If you see someone struggling,offer to help. Pay it Forward. Share,it makes you feel good!!

Okay so that’s it. Follow these simple rules and you too can find Vaping Nirvana. You will quit smoking, find a super great all day vape, feel good about yourself, help people and be a positive part of the wonderful vaping community!!

That my friends is How To Be A Good Vaper!!

~~The End~~



3 responses to “How To Be A Good Vaper!

  1. kelly2632 says:

    Thank you for always being a kind soul! ❤

  2. Kelly B. says:

    I agree with all of these. It took me so long to follow rule #2. I am constantly surprised at how much I like certain eliquid flavors of things I don’t really like as foods. Citrus as a vape is awesome, I love almost anything with lemon or lime. I am not a fan of citrus drinks however (except margaritas) so I found this a complete surprise. Another is Root Beer vape. It’s a great vape, but I can not stand the flavor of root beer soda. My newest fixation is Kettle Corn, who knew? Ultimately it comes down to rule #1, you have to be committed, and focus on your steps forward not the little slips backward. Great Post!!

  3. Peeps says:

    Great blog, Keyzy! ❤ you!

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