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2012 Is Almost Over! What a Year!!

on December 26, 2012

487735_386379568096151_1999415185_nAnother year in vaping, 2012 was a great year for vapers. We have had so many new and exciting products come out. Things that were only available to the elite before are now available to everyone. Remember when the only true VV option was to own a provari or a Darwin??  The only cool pyrex tanks were $50?? Variable wattage is big now. It started with the Darwin but now its available on other PVs. Now we have options. Lots of options. We have something for everyone in every price range. Its amazing!

Remember when all we had was cartos or attys?? It’s almost comical now to look back at it. The big question was 510 or 808?? Carto or atty?? Now we have all sorts of things,stardusts, CE2 or 3 or 4 ? , we have carto tanks or other type tanks with wicks and whatever. The biggest thing this year I’ve seen is all the rebuildable attys and tanks. Its amazing. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Dripper attys that hold 10 drops,rebuildable tanks with viewing windows to see how much juice is in there. I have not tried these yet. But I’m going to soon. I am a little afraid of it all. I have to just suck up the fear and go for it. It has to be done. I need to know. I have been using the Vision V2 replaceable head things and the Vivi Nova tanks. I love them and I’m happy with them, that’s the only reason I haven’t moved on to the rebuildables. I’m enjoying the vape.

Look at all the new juice vendors we have! I’m so impressed with the long time vapers that have popped up and opened little juice shops. The liquids are amazing. I was very lucky to receive a few samples of Vapor Society liquid and its scrumptious. Gina is a master mixer! I’m  also dying to try out Amanda’s new juices from Timeless Vapor. I have heard wonderful things about her liquids. Everyone is raving about it. We also had the Pluid controversy, To vape the green dye or not!! I tried a colorless version from Vapedudes and it was an awesome vape. Full flavor without the green. I guess after smoking for 20 or 30 years most are not worried about vaping coloring’s,but I just figured why do it if I can get the taste without it. It ended up being a favorite. Its called Swamp Cooler. FlavorZ by Joe has a new place and its looking amazing. Joe’s juices are awesome. One of my favorite new shops is Sycodrops. They are on FB,they send you a menu and you pick what you want. They have a Fire and Ice that totally rocks my world. I need a gallon jug of it. I ran a logo contest for them and they sent me a 30ml of the Fire and Ice and I was thrilled. Vape heaven!! We have  soooo many great little juice shops. I have got to try them all. Its been a great year for juices!!

I have personally had a few changes this year as a vaper. The year started out rough, But I’ve come a long ways. My health issues are finally getting under control. I’m almost caught up on all the medical expenses. I have a great little job with Great Lakes Vapor. I love the company,I love the people involved. I’m so glad to be a part of a vaping family that truly cares about vapers and the community. I get to do contests and give away amazing  custom ecigs. Its perfect. I’m here spreading the word and socializing everyday anyways,why not do it for such a wonderful company. I have been loving and using my GLV’s for years. Now Im part of the family!!

Thank you Great Lakes Vapor for having faith in me and allowing me to be a part of something I truly believe in. (((Hugs))) I love you guys!


Well, that’s it. Its been an amazing Vape Year. I’m sure 2013 will hold many new experiences and products for us to try. We just keep moving ahead and changing the smoking world. We as a community are growing so much. I want to thank all the people who work to keep us legal and safe. The hard workers who fight for our rights and for smoke-free alternatives. The CASAA members and the people who work with them. Every single small battle they fight,every test that’s done,every survey,every article, Every time they speak in public to defend our rights! every single thing they do deserves huge thanks and huge ((Hugs))) and praise. THANK YOU!! We wouldn’t be where we are without all your hard work! You are the strong base that this community rests on! THANK YOU! From my heart!

I’m done! Thank you for another wonderful year! VAPE ON!!!


4 responses to “2012 Is Almost Over! What a Year!!

  1. Holls says:

    AWESOMENESS!!! AND THANKS to all the vapers like Keyzy, THE Frank, THE Laura, My savior Jen, Ryan, Upstomp, Jennifer/Vape Dudes, PB Dragon, Fuzion Vapors, JUICY VAPORS!!!! , and all my other fellow chatters, forum rangers and old timers that have helped me survive HAVING to quit smoking and be nicotine free even. I am not a daily vapor even now since I am one of those that pretty much had to smoke when I was about to kill someone and it did make me take breaks but now that I don’t have to go outside for the nic I found other things to do on breaks. I pull out my favorite flavors when I could possibly be over it enough to go get a smoke and that is all set. I had grown quite a collection of stuff but now have given away all but my loverly Orange Mini Saber the Keyzyone random act of kindnessed me with one day out of the blue. This Christmas my last big toy when off on it’s way to NC with my cousin who really needed mroe than the ego kits I sent his gaggle of smokers from Vape Dudes. I was able too send off a big chunk of the drawer of 0 nic juices I don’t really use a lot when my Vape Yoda ended up with a simular surgery to mine just he had a pain int he neck and I as expected was the pain in the butt! This family is amazing. Many of us have connected on other planes like homeschooling kids far too smart for our own good, or surgeries, or belief systems. When one of my Vape circle heard that I really am not a full time vaper anymore she was afraid I would not be part of the gang anymore. That will never happen Love love loves

  2. Peeps/Laura says:

    It’s been a rough year but we had each other to get us through the tough times! Some of my favorite times include Keyzy’s birthday and our Secret Santa!!! LOL I don’t think I’ll ever forget the play by play of Keyzy’s mailman as we waited to get her birthday prezzies. ❤ ❤ Love you all!

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