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Pure Bull Crap. Im Sick Of It!

on January 8, 2013

76231_551778718172992_1002991477_nAlleged conflict of interest. Read this link.

Its Bull. This is what we are dealing with. The Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee. TPSAC has 8 members, 3 are in some way compensated by Big Pharmaceutical companies. They profit from the drug companies. They make money if the drug companies make money. They benefit from helping the drug companies. BUT!! They are on the TPSAC. Conflict of interest,more like flat-out BULLSHIT! How do things like this happen? The FDA Commissioner, Margaret Hamburg was totally aware of it and asked  several times by industry and government ethics groups to remove these people, but she refused. She refused and she knew it was unethical for them to be there. That is the Commissioner that we are dealing with. Nice! She knows that what they are doing is totally wrong but she continues to do it even after being advised not to. Where on Gods green earth do they find these people?? Drug testing facilities??

We as THR advocates keep trying to get the truth out and find facts and tests and surveys and factual info to prove that we are trying to do the right thing to help people switch from smoking and find less harmful things that can help them and we are up against people who lie,cheat and stack the cards in their favor so they can stop us from helping people. They do not want tobacco harm reduction. They want you to keep purchasing useless crap from the pharmaceutical companies that will fail and then you will be forced to try again and again until you are broke or dead!!  That is how I see what they are doing. It’s a nasty horrible plan to make a few people rich and make the rest of the people suffer or die for no apparent reason but GREEEED!!

This article about ethics proves that the big P and the FDA are in cahoots together. They all knew,the companies knew who they were paying,the members knew they were playing for the big P team and the commissioner that is supposed to keep it in line knew she was being unethical and stacking things in Big P’s favor. That is OUR government. That is how they advise and regulate. Its pure Bullshit. (excuse my language please,this whole thing infuriates me beyond belief), I’m not buying it. Fix it now please.

Thank the Heavens above for Judge Leon!!

U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon has allowed a lawsuit seeking an injunction by R.J. Reynolds and Lorillard Tobacco to proceed against the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee. It alleges a conflict of interest on the scientific panel responsible for regulating tobacco products.

FDA officials asked Judge Leon to deny the request but the judge rebuffed their claim, noting in his ruling “the limited number of viewpoints on these issues” and “the scientific as opposed to the political nature of those viewpoints, and the distinct responsibilities of the committee.”

One man, He sees whats going down and says NO! One fair and honest man. It’s not always easy to stand up to bullies and force them to play nice. Not everyone has the courage (or balls) to be a true leader and do the right thing. Thanks Judge Leon! You Da Man!! I’m glad you did the right thing. The rug was getting pretty lumpy with all the dirt and debris being swept under it.



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