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on January 15, 2013

vape onI’m sure many of you have seen my posts begging for help with the FDA. I do not mean to post so much everywhere but it’s very important and I really do need your help. We have a huge issue and the only way to deal with it is to get the word out and get everyone to join together and fight. Here is the info. PLEASE USE IT. Every single comment counts and we need the numbers.THIS IS THE LAST DAY TO HELP AND COMMENT!! DO IT NOW!!

The FDA held a public hearing on Section 918 on Monday, December 17, 2012. Many THR advocates testified. See:
 For the hearing, we issued a Call to Awareness. This is now a related (as noted below) but separate Call to Action. The FDA will use the testimony that was given at the December 17 hearing, plus the written comments submitted by January 16, 2013 as input for the report to Congress required by the Tobacco Act.

This is the link to go and help. THIS IS IMPORTANT TO ALL VAPERS. Do not expect everyone else to handle it,we ALL need to handle it together. Your comment is needed,it will make a difference. Dont blow it off. We need you.


or here is a direct link,just post a few words,make a statement. It will only take a few moments to make a difference in how this all plays out. Do you want to vape? Then do it!! If not we are going to lose our rights and that aint right!!!documentDetail;D=FDA-2012-N-1148-0011

Here is the 2nd place you can help and this one just takes a moment to do,just a click and you can help save the vaping community. Am I asking too much? Think of the amount of  time that advocates spend collecting info and posting it everywhere just to get it to you. Can you spare just 1 moment for all their hard work? Is it worth it to you to save vaping?  Has your health improved and would you like to see others able to partake in vaping in the years to come? Then please take the time to help us with these FDA issues. It’s up to us, we are the only ones who can make a difference and fight this fight. If you are a vaper then you need to stand up and make a difference!!

Just go here for 1 moment and help make a difference. Can you please help?

This stuff really matters to me,I’m upset that the FDA wants to fight us and take away our rights. We all know that they would prefer to shove patches and gum and drugs down our throats and make big profits for the pharmaceutical companies but we can not allow that to happen. Vaping is a safer tobacco alternative and they need to realize that the testing proves it,not the lies. Our health has improved and every one of us is a walking testimonial that it works. TELL THEM!! I’m honestly begging for every vaper out there to take a stand and JUST STAND UP TO THEM AND NOT ALLOW THEM TO TAKE OUR RIGHT TO LIVE A HEALTHIER LIFE AWAY FROM US!! We are not asking for something that is wrong or harmful. We are asking that it be about health and welfare and not about Big Pharms profits!!  Screw the drug companies. They are letting people die everyday because the treatments make more money than the cures. It’s absolutely disgusting. Do not let it happen here. Take a stand. Do these 2 things right now. Make a comment and click to vote. That is all I’m asking. Please don’t walk away. Do not allow it to happen. Help the community that we love survive this attack. PLEASE!!! If you walk away, We all lose lose.

If we do this we can……..VAPE ON!!


One response to “VAPERS!! WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! PLEASE!!

  1. Jacques Dupuis says:

    I did submit my story… thanks. 🙂

    Jacques “JD” Dupuis

    “What can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.” ~ Hitchens

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