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Explaining It To Non Vaping Family Members.

on January 23, 2013

vape onBe supportive. Give a positive comment. Congratulate everyone for their milestones. Help them find a product they need. Offer advice and support to each other. Please!

You never know what people are going through in their real life. I see people looking for friendship and support in our community and maybe for some it’s because they have a less than supportive person trying to bring them down and get them to fail. I know that sounds ridiculous,but it happens more than you think. I find it totally bizarre  but some people do not want you to succeed. They will tell you it’s not going to work and you are wasting money and by Lord its just not true!!  Vaping works!

Tight purse strings is another one. Maybe you can’t afford fancy mods and accessories right now. I understand. But basic supplies like batteries and liquids cost less than smoking. Its cheaper. I know this for a fact because I have been a tight budget vaper for the past year and a 1/2.  It can be done on a tight budget!!

Do not let someone convince you that you can not afford to vape. It’s affordable for everyone. Get basic supplies and don’t go overboard. Put the money you usually use for smoking aside and let it accumulate enough to put in an order for parts or liquid. If your spouse or family complain, tell them you are spending less than you did smoking and its much better for your health. Imagine the future money you will save on medical bills alone now that you are a non smoker. Do not let anyone convince you otherwise, Vaping is affordable. It truly is.

You look stupid.

REALLY?? I look stupid vaping? I’ve seen so many things that are much more stupid. Like inhaling smoke. Like inhaling over 4,000 dirty carcinogens into your lungs. That my friend is very uncool and looks crazier than inhaling nicotine infused steam. I’m going with the vapor. It’s a much healthier way to get my nicotine fix and I honestly don’t care if you lack the intelligence to see that. It’s not stupid. Maybe you are. OK?

Put that thing away!!

No,I will not. It is helping me and I will continue to use it as I see fit and if it bothers you then that is your issue and not mine. Walk away. If you are embarrassed or something then please do not stand near me. Your stupidity embarrasses me.

How long are you going to do that??

Forever. Until I decide not to. WHY should I stop? It’s not unhealthy like smoking,it doesn’t stink. I’m not harming bystanders. WTH should I stop? I enjoy it and I plan to keep doing it. I’m a vaper,it’s what we do.

Do you realize how much money you have spent over the past few years vaping???

Yes,yes I do. Much less than I would have spent on burning little tobacco sticks, and look at all my fancy stuff I have to show for it. I saved money compared to smoking and I have all these fancy electronic toys to share. Life is good and 



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  1. Great Post Everyone should pass this along thanks

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