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on January 28, 2013

309903_4806562995596_1361551253_nWE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!

I am always trying to get the word out and get people involved in our fight for rights. I share all the info I can find about vaping and testing and articles I see that are read worthy for vapers. It matters to me. I care. I want to be a positive influence in our vaping community. I want everyone to be informed and have the proper info so that they can be knowledgeable and helpful. I want vapers to help each other. I want them to stand up and join together. It matters to me.

Lately I see a lot of negativity about the issues we are having with the upcoming FDA regulations. WHY? I can understand that some people are to lazy and self-centered to get involved and that’s fine, but why try to drag others away? If you don’t have enough passion to help, walk away. Why must you take others that are sitting on the fence and pull the to the dark side with you?? I’m trying so hard to get people involved and get them to join CASAA and be informed so they can help and you keep telling them we are wasting our time. ITS NOT EVER A WASTE OF TIME TO STAND UP FOR YOUR RIGHTS!! That is just a lazy mans excuse not to get involved!

These comments don’t help…

 I didn’t say I don’t care. Don’t put words in my mouth. What I said was I believe that it’s futile, and I’m not going to bury my head in the sand, cross my fingers, tap my heels, and wish REALLY hard for it not to be so. We’re the rat, they’re the python. This is just pathetic struggling in a death grip.
or this…

This is the kinda shit that we are forced to do when “other” groups go to the FDA on our behalf. That is what has lead us down this road. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut and not jumping the gun is the way to go.

 or this…….

Im pretty sure as much as this has been circulated everyone has signed it. There still a lot of vapors who are not on FB,ECF or other ecig related sites. I doubt we will get ot the 25000 sigs needed for this.

 Why Oh Why do people insist on being downers? Just stand back on the sidelines and watch the real vapers work. It’s so funny. When there is a battle to fight,the sidelines are full of watchers. They tell you that you  can’t win. They tell you that you will fail. Why the hell don’t they just open their eyes and realize if they got off their asses and helped we could win? WE would be so many more!! Its ridiculous. So many people doing nothing and waiting for a chance to say I told you so. Well peeps it wouldn’t turn out that way if more people got involved. STOP TELLING PEOPLE IT DOESN’T MATTER!! It does matter and if we all get together we CAN make a difference. IT MATTERS!! Its driving me insane that so many people want to spread negative energy. Just stop it. You do not have to be involved but please don’t try to drag others to the sidelines to keep you company. OK??

I woke up today and went back to check the thread in the lounge where we were discussing all this and again saw more comments and again was disheartened and then I checked my PMs and I received this message and it totally made my day. It does matter and even if it only got one more person on board, I’m thrilled. It matters. I needed this. I made a difference. Someone got it. Someone cares. Each and every person that takes a step to get involved matters to me. I succeeded in my mission.

Read this…… It made my day!…

Hey Keyzy, I just wanted to send you a message thanking you for all you do for the vaping community. I saw the thread in the lounge earlier about the petition, but by the time I saw it the discussion was pretty much over. I signed it long ago and your passion tonight made me decide to send each of my representatives in congress an e-mail sharing my story and feelings on the FDA’s proposal. I am including a copy of what I sent them. I sent a copy to the admin of our local vaping club page so he could get it to all our members and they could just insert their own story in place of mine. Maybe someone could write up something better to use as a standardized type of letter to make it easier for all vapers to contact their members of congress. Just an idea I thought I would run it by you, you know more members of this community than I ever will so it just seemed natural to come to you with this. Anyway, I just thought I would put in my two cents, I hope it helps.

Dear Senator Durbin;

My name is (The wonderful person who made keyzys day}, I live in Aledo Illinois and I am writing to you as you are my representative in the United States Senate. The reason I am writing to you is to voice my concern over upcoming regulations being proposed by the FDA in regards to electronic cigarettes.

I started smoking when I was 16 years old and spent most of the next 26 years attempting to quit the nasty habit that I started at such a young age. I tried almost all of the “FDA approved” smoking cessation methods that were available. Patches, pills and lozenges were all tried without any success. Almost 6 months ago my wife convinced me to try an electronic cigarette and it did for me what none of the approved products ever could. From the first drag on that battery-powered cigarette I knew I had finally found something that could truly help me quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. The taste, the feel of the vapor on the back of my throat and being able to exhale the vapor all made quitting cigarettes easy. Even though I knew that the tobacco cigarettes were horribly bad for me, I still enjoyed the act of smoking and the calming effect it had on me. I could now give up tobacco cigarettes by using something that provided everything I loved about smoking without the thousands of chemicals and cancer causing agents. There is nothing in e-cigs that causes cancer, even though the FDA will try to tell you otherwise. I had 3 cigarettes left in the last pack that I had when I bought that electronic cigarette at the local Wal-Mart. I finished them a couple of days later when I forgot to charge the battery for my e-cig and have not had a single tobacco cigarette since. I truly believe that if I hadn’t tried that e-cig I would still be smoking the tobacco cigarettes that were slowly killing me. I have since converted many of my friends and several of my co-workers from using tobacco cigarettes to using electronic cigarettes. All of us are experiencing improvements in our health, breathing, sense of taste and also our sense of smell.

The reason I am telling you my story is because the FDA has held a public hearing and is considering “deeming regulations” for electronic cigarettes. These regulations could effectively ban electronic cigarettes and the nicotine liquid that makes them work. If that were to happen thousands of former smokers who have begun using e-cigs would probably revert back to smoking and even more current smokers would never have the chance to try this very effective tool in the fight against tobacco cigarettes. The FDA has presented several misleading statements, and a few outright lies, when discussing the results of tests performed by them on two brands of electronic cigarettes in 2009. I could spend pages going into detail on this subject but to make this letter short I will just provide you with some links that can explain everything better than I can. All I ask is that you inform yourself on the subject and represent the health of your constituents and all of the American public, rather than the profit margins of big tobacco and big pharma.

Thank you,
(My favorite Vaper)

It does Matter, Get involved, THANK YOU SO MUCH JOE!! You totally made a difference today!!

and everyone else  JOIN  CASAA, We need you.




3 responses to “IT DOES MATTER!!! GET INVOLVED!!

  1. Awesome article Keyzygirl!

  2. Absolutely crucial and to the point blog. Exceptional- as per Gandhi

    A small body of determined spirits fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission can alter the course of history.

    We must be that small body- determined, spirited and unquenchable.

  3. Julie, AKA, the older woman. says:

    Keyzy, no matter what else has happened, I have always enjoyed your writing. You do it very well. I saw JFK elected, I’m no kid, but my point is that you are very right! We can all wait and then whine, or take one step at a time, whether it will directly impact us today or not. If we all do nothing, we have only ourselves to blame. It does not matter whether we live in “Grace” or Alabama, or the UK. We all have a chance to write history! How cool is that? Or, we can sit on out butts and others will write it FOR us. You are a dear person whom I care about. Keep on writing. You are making a difference more than you know.

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