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A Huge Thank You!!

403440_425123517499199_379861968692021_91045277_1087159994_nI was going through my FB feed and catching up, reading whats new and who is doing what. I had to stop and come over here and post a quick blog.

I’m amazed every day at all the things I see. Vapers are just wonderful people. Well most are, I could live without the gross pictures of toilets and naked women that some of you post. 99% of what I see is good honest helpful stuff. Blogs about everything from reviews to FDA and ban info, Vendors donating supplies to vape meets, Co ops that are a ton of work and done for free to help fellow vapers. Its amazing. I’m always amazed.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone that makes this community what it is. The vendors that donate, yes, they do it so people can sample their stuff  but it costs them money and they do it to help. Some donate 100’s of bottles of liquids.  I’ve seen vapers post that they needed help and we have a few vendors that jump on it and send them enough to get them through. I’ve seen it more times than I could count.  We have some wonderful vendors in this group. They go above and beyond to make a difference and it shows and it matters. Thank you! for being generous and kind!

I want to thank the people who do co ops. I have not joined in on a co-op yet,but I have been watching and checking it out because it’s very cool and it looks like a great way to get affordable supplies. I watch these people do a TON of work organizing, taking orders,collecting money, sending receipts, then ordering, sorting, addressing and shipping tons of orders out and they do not get paid for this. They do it to be helpful and they do it for each other so everyone can get a better deal. That is pretty amazing. Every one should be Thanking them. They deserve a freaking medal. I hope everyone appreciates them and all the work they do. Thank you!!

Another big thing is just being supportive, we have a great support system in our community. It’s not easy to quit smoking. It’s a big huge scary deal. I love when everyone jumps in to help new vapers figure out what they need or send a sample or just give positive words to encourage them to keep vaping and not get discouraged. I love when someone posts that they have not smoked in 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months and everyone jumps in to say CONGRATS! or Great job! or Way to go! Keep going. It doesn’t matter how long its been, they feel good about it because everyone is genuinely proud of them. It comes from the heart because we have all been there. We know how hard it is and what an accomplishment it is. Thank you! for being supportive. It matters!

The vape shows and video reviews that are done. Its amazing. Do you realize the time and money that is invested in these things? It takes courage to put yourself out there like that. We have some great people doing these things and they don’t get paid to do it. They invest all their own time and money entertaining everyone and they do it to help the community. The vendors that donate supplies so they can do giveaways, the hosts that spend time planning their shows and getting suppliers to support them,its unreal. They deserve Kudos for all they do. It’s amazing that we have our own vape shows and channels to tune into. THANK YOU!! you do so much for us!

It is appreciated!!

The advocates that fight for us and stand up to be heard when all these crazy smoking banners try to include ecigs and THR stuff in the bans. They don’t get paid. They do it because they believe in it. They are willing to work and plan and write and invest because they want us to have the right to vape. That unbelievable. Its amazing that these people do so much for our community and they don’t get a dime. They work their butts off, travel, everything, just to help us. THANK YOU from my heart. I can not thank you enough.

You are my heroes!

It’s truly amazing the awesome group of people we have in our community. I say it all the time but tonight I just had to write it down and make sure that every one of you know how much I appreciate every single thing you do. We have become a huge wonderful community because of you.

THANK YOU VAPERS!! Thank you for all you do! (((Hugs)))

and VAPE ON!!


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