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My First Try At Written Reviews.

on February 15, 2013

I have been very lucky this week. I received some wonderful vape mail from a few of the newer and wonderful eliquid vendors. I feel honored to test out products that friends in the vape community have created. It’s such a treat.  I’m not a true reviewer. I’m no Phil or Justine. I do not have a sensitive pallet to pick up notes and hints of flavor. I have a BAM pallet  The flavor has to be strong and in your face or at least really there for me to get it. I can taste it or not. I do not do weak subtle flavors. I want to TASTE an eliquid. I know quite a few of you can understand what I mean.

photo (52)

This week I received  a few flavors from Cafe eCig.

I’m testing these flavors on a 3.7v device with a 901 atomizer.

Blueberry Cotton candy- very nice. Sweet candy blueberry. Not a strong flavor, its subtle but its candy blueberry. It’s a very simple basic sweet blueberry. Sometimes that is just what you want. I do like it!

Coconut Cream Pie– It’s a nice creamy coconut. Smooth. A little toasty,maybe a little crust. You can taste everything that’s supposed to be in there’ Definitely Coconut cream pie as the name states.  You could vape it for dessert instead of eating pie!

Sweet Amaretto– Its good. It’s not overly sweet, it’s almost fruity,like peachish or apricotie. Some kind of sweet fruit flavor.  It’s hard to describe, but the flavor is there and its good. It’s a sweet amaretto!!

Cinnamon Roll– Buttery, not too sweet, I’m not getting much bakery cinnamon on this.More like a buttery sweet roll with just a hint of cinnamon. As you vape it for a bit the cinnamon does come out a little more. Its a nice not too sweet flavor. A bakery cinnamon roll.

The flavors are good!  Try Cafe eCig for yourself and see. I enjoyed them very much!

photo (53)

Next is a company that I really like. Its called Sycodrops. I ran a logo contest for them and they sent me a few samples to try. I was not ready to review flavors at the time but I’m giving it a go now so I wanted to include them. I have 3 flavors from them. One of them is a favorite of mine. The other 2 are newer flavors.

Fire and Ice-  I am a huge fan of this flavor. Its a candy cinnamon and menthol flavor. Its a BAM!! Flavor.  I’ve tried this flavor from other vendors and they do not compare. They have the perfect mix here. Its more candy cinnamon than menthol. I am not a menthol vaper at all and I love this mix. If you get that wonky  Taste buds thing where nothing tastes right. This juice always fixes it. The flavor is loud and strong. I vape it at 5v and its amazing.

Jellybean- It tastes like those big bags of  jellybeans you get for the kids at Easter time. Not the gourmet kind, the sweet they almost all taste the same except for the black ones kind. It just makes you smile. I can’t really tell you which flavor I’m tasting but I get a big blast of kids jellybeans on the exhale,LOL! If you like jelly beans you will love it!

Wake Up Call- I have no idea what this is supposed to taste like but I’m getting a tangy fruity sweet. Almost citrus. Maybe a fruity tang! It will definitely wake up your taste buds!!  Its a good strong flavor and it’s quite nice. tangy and fruity!

Sycodrops, Try them. The flavors are strong and solid.

photo (51)

Last one today is made by someone I consider a good friend. We were Mod mates on the ECF PIF forum and have always had a good relationship. She recently created a juice that has everyone in the vape community talking. Its called Chelle’s Peach and its made by Chelle Snider. She sent me some to try and its wonderful.

Chelles Peach- This is not the fake candy peach you are used to. It actually has a fresh peach flavor,not overly sweet but just ripe! Its not overwhelming. Its crystal clear and has a nice crisp clean natural peach taste. If you like peach or you have been searching for a peach eliquid, this s a must try.  I had decided that because I love Chelle if I hated it I would just not say anything and leave it off the list, but its amazing and I had to have it in here.  Clean,clear,crisp ripe peach. Chelle’s peach is a must try eliquid.

That is it for today. Let me know what you think. I may even start doing video reviews,LOL! Maybe I could explain better if I could show you.  I just figured Id toss my hat in the blog style review forum first and see what everyone thought about it. Thanks for reading and as always…..



3 responses to “My First Try At Written Reviews.

  1. Chelle says:

    You made my day lady! ❤

  2. wendy harrington says:

    Very nice reviews!!! Very descriptive!! In fact so descriptive i would like to know where i could order sycodrops in the future. The juices i crave have to be very strong and its reviews like yours that convince me (a VERY picky vaper) to try new juice.

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