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Which Vaper Are You?

on March 22, 2013

holly-golightly1I lurk around Facebook all the time. I post when I have something to share. I am not a constant poster about what I ate, drank and I don’t like to post my face everywhere. Im glad some of you do because it amuses the heck out of me. I guess I’m just not as open and out there as some, but I’m glad for every type of person that exists. I read and learn daily. I have a few FB friends that are always sad and I wish I knew what to say to help, but I don’t so I usually don’t say anything. I’m thinking of you and my heart is with you, I just don’t know what to say to you.

Soooo many different types of people. Vapers are a very diversified group. I love it. Im amazed how many different types of FB groups we have now. Each big group caused a few smaller groups, then those caused more even smaller groups all the way down to tiny private groups of 5 or 6 people. Its just crazy. We have so many now. What types of groups do you frequent?

We have vendor groups for different vape shops. They promote products and try to help people and sometimes run contests. They post sales and are online to help the customers have a good experience. We have tons of vendor groups.

We have newbie groups for help and direction. Many older vapers spend time helping the newer people figure it all out and advise them on things to try and where to get them. I love to see the veterans helping the newer people. Even the newer people start helping each other because they have received help and want to share what they learned. Its awesome. I love to see it!

We have big groups like the Vapors Lounge,  Vaping Worldwide and Vapers United where you can get all kinds of info on new products, quick fixes and whats actually going on in the vape community for legislation, Calls to action and Vape TV shows and radio broadcasts. These big groups are very important and help so many people. Its where it all started. They are the center of this community.

We have Co op groups, several now that do large orders so people can get better prices. The people who run them amaze me. They donate sooooo much time to help fellow vapers get a deal and be able to afford to have the better products at a discount price. They deserve a medal for all the time and effort spent on these co ops. Amazing people.

We have different broadcasting networks that have groups, run shows, do contests and donate so much time to entertaining everyone. Some have built up quite an image in the community and they are like vaping superstars. They have fans and are truly respected for all they do. I think its wonderful. They review products, they keep us informed on what is happening with the different vaping legislation and new scientific data that comes out. They really do provide a wonderful service to the community.  Some are here to teach us and some are here to inform us but they all donate their time and effort to help the community. Its amazing. Be thankful.

Some groups are for popularity. No matter how old we get we are always going to have the group of cool kids who want to be elitists and separate themselves from the commoners. That is okay too. Don’t feel to honored to be included, remember they need small people like us to make them feel important. I never last long in those groups. Heck most of them block me for one reason or another so I only get 1/2 of the conversations and it all sounds like stupidity, ass kissing and insults anyways. Its not my thing. I admit to getting caught up in the drama and crap now and then and making a snarky comment but I always get back to my center and let it go. Nobody is perfect and I don’t compete for friends. They either love me or they don’t  Either way I’m good with it. I just don’t require the attention that some people need to get to feel important. I am important. I just love everybody and hope for the best! You will always get Hugs and Hearts from me. That is my promise.

Id rather have a few trusted friends than a ton of followers. I’m weird like that. I like it real.

My favorite groups and people are the vape advocates. I fancy myself a small one. I do what I can to help spread the word, post info and links, make comments and send emails and whatever else I can think of that may help. The most important vaping group that you can join to be informed and help is CASAA. They post all the legal stuff and info and calls to action where you can jump in and be helpful. Every single vaper should care enough to get involved. Everyone can do something. make some calls, send a few emails, whatever it takes to keep vaping legal and available to all people. If we don’t fight for our rights nobody else will. Its up to us so get over there and join CASAA!! Its a must. You are not a true vaper if you are not informed. Everyone can help. Do it please.

So what kind of vaper are you? What groups do you hang out in? Are you one of the helpful people who does whatever they can to help people have a good experience with vaping? Are you a teacher who takes the time to show people how to do things and fix issues with the products? Do you do reviews to get the info out so people don’t waste money and can find the product they need?  Are you an advocate? Do you donate time and effort to doing co ops or vape shows to help and entertain the community? Do you help other vapers and have a kind word or a congrats for a milestone? It doesn’t take much to do good deeds in the vape community and small deeds go a long way. Its like a chain reaction or a PIF. It just keeps going and going. We all have something to offer. Just be kind and helpful and watch what happens.

Okay, I’m done here. GO JOIN CASAA!! They need all the vapers to join and get involved.

The time to pull together is drawing near!

Together we have power!!






One response to “Which Vaper Are You?

  1. I liked how you pretty much hit the nail on the head on the types of groups we do see in social media networks, vaping-related tools we use (specifically Skype, Google+, etc.), and the like. I think that as the groups “trickle-down,” you do find your niche of core people that you simply feel comfortable associated with on a daily basis. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t like a lot of people in the community, just that you find specific common ground with some folks that heightens your overall experience. I know at least I enjoy that aspect of it…and of course “geeking out” because I can talk vaping for hours-on-end!

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