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What Will Happen With The FDA??

on April 3, 2013

309903_4806562995596_1361551253_nThis is just my personal opinion. I came to have this opinion by reading articles and any other info I can find on ecigs and THR. I’m a little worried about whats going down this month with the FDA. We all know that Big Tobacco and Big Pharma have a stake in this and pretty much run the FDA so we know they will push it the way they want it to go. The good thing is that Big tobacco is getting involved with ecigs. They are putting out small prefilled rechargeable  units. You can buy them almost anywhere that you can purchase cigarettes. The bad thing is they do not sell eliquids or mods or sell online. If they push it in the wrong direction, we could lose quite a bit of the things we are using to vape. I do not want a handy-dandy drugstore ecig. I want what I’m used to. I want my fancy mods and flavored liquid and I want tanks and stuff and I want to order it all online.

Here is what we need to do. We need to be constantly checking whats going on. Join CASAA and keep up with everything. We want to be available for whatever they need. They are our information link to all of this. Pay attention and get involved because its going to take every single one of us to figure this out and help it turn out better. You can not complain later if you sat on your butt and did nothing and I will torture you on FB forever if you don’t help with this. I honestly have no idea if or how we can help but I want everyone to be willing and waiting and informed. If we can do something we want to have enough people involved so that it will make a difference. THAT INCLUDES YOU!! So get over and join CASAA on FB and be ready.


This is big. The FDA is here. Lets see what happens and what we can do about it.

We need a Vaper Army worth of people. Will you help? Share this post everywhere!!

Lets all get involved and kick ash!!



3 responses to “What Will Happen With The FDA??

  1. Karen Shader says:

    Keyzy, I totally agree with you! I’ve been sending emails to the government and posting on my own Facebook page, we should all do that. But I think we need to reach out even further, to non-CASAA people… to smoking and also non-smoking friends, family & acquaintances. For example let’s just take my husband. He’s never smoked cigarettes, yet he’s absolutely THRILLED with my taking up e-cigarettes! Our house and car smell wonderful now. I’m already down to 1/2 the nicotine level, without even trying to do so. He says he just can’t understand why e-cigs would create any type of a legal problem… or why anybody would desire to remove this wonderful option from smokers! He doesn’t believe that I’m serious when I say this is very likely to be regulated and/or condemned, and very soon

    I think we need to find a way to get WAY more publicity for this, than just CASAA related websites… or even just Facebook. Most folks let’s face it haven’t even heard about CASAA (besides us vapers). Family and friends of mine are very supportive, I believe others will say the same.

    And so my question is how and what can we do, to make this issue much more global?…. and our opinions and information far more widespread than just the CASAA and facebook communities? … (And in a hurry!)

    • I wish I knew. Advertising space is expensive. I don’t know what else can we do? I totally agree with you, but what do we do?

      • cha0tik says:

        Word of mouth is still a very powerful tool. I tell everyone I talk to about how easy it was to quit smoking with my ecig, that way when they hear something on the news or from another source they will think “yeah, what is going on with trying to ban these? That one guy said it was like a miracle for him.” So, another thing that we can do is to tell our stories to everyone and raise the awareness of how effective an ecigarette can be. my $.02 BTW I love your blog!

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