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Vaping Contests!!

on April 16, 2013

vape on I see tons of re posts and shares for all the vape contests for free gear and free mods, just re post and share and you get a chance to win. Its really great that so many shops do these things. I see them saying get everyone to like my page and if we reach 500 likes we will do a contest. Its awesome. Contests and stuff are fun. I like them and I do think its great.


You take the time to share and post and everything for a very small chance at winning a prize, Why not re post info on bans and surveys and important vape news? It takes the same amount of time!! If you help and re post or take a survey or send an email for a call to action you are GUARANTEED  to help the vape community. That is the prize. You win. You get to help. Everyone wins.

You can even look at it this way, if you refuse to help and re post the important stuff we wont have any contests and like my pages to re post because vaping will be banned and the shops wont be there.

Think about it. Helping makes everyone a winner.



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