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Why Ban Online Ecig Sales??

on April 26, 2013

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Why?? Why you ask?? I’m gonna tell you why.

Not to protect minors like they would have you believe.  That is a lie.

Once again it is all about a big corporations profits. THAT IS WHY!!

and here is my personal opinion on the subject. One big tobacco company will be introducing their new e-cig product soon. They already have their distribution chain in place, which would benefit tremendously if online sales were eliminated. They could care less about the children, or your safety and health. They care about knocking the small vendors and online vendors out of the market and making the money for themselves.  They will sell expensive cigalikes that are not refillable.  They don’t care about the Mom and Pop, people trying to survive and support their families, the Modder families that will be knocked out, the juice makers that need the income. They care about profit, their profit.
Not one thought is given to your health and welfare. NONE!
We need to do everything we can to make sure the public knows whats going on here. Ecigs were created to give us a less harmful way to get nicotine. They were not created to be squashed and kept small so a few companies who have been killing people for years could  could take over and make a huge profit. They do not want to be a part of the ecig market, they want to take over and destroy it. They do not want it to improve and see new things created and move forward. They want to make tons of money off crappy cigalikes and keep the market for themselves. Probably wont be long before they start adding poisons and stronger more addictive crap to ecigs just like they did to tobacco cigs. Tobacco companies are the worst group to take over ecigs.
They DO NOT CARE about anyone’s health.
They care about profit.
We would like to think that because they have purchased ecig companies and created ecigs to market that they are on our side and we would love to believe they are on our side with fighting Big pharm and the Anti smoking groups, but they are not.  The only way they are helping is if you want cigalikes from a convenient store or pharmacy. If that’s what you want then go ahead and support them. Im not falling for it.  They need to be watched and ALL the legislation they are involved in needs to be questioned.
Now you know. Keep informed and watch what is going on or we are all going to suffer.
Its up to every single vaper to get involved and to fight this.
Join CASAA –

3 responses to “Why Ban Online Ecig Sales??

  1. Endora says:

    Yes ! You are completely 100%ly Correct ! There is no reason for ANY of this but the BIG Tobacco companies scared they might lose a freaking dollar !
    Its about big government that wants to control every aspect of your life and how YOU choose to live it !
    Boooo Hooooo Hoooo So they lost a few Million ( They are only going to write it off anyway ) My personal opinion is no matter what country you live in , what God you believe in , what music you listen to ,what cigarette or ecigarette you choose to or not to smoke .We all need to ban together cus if we don’t our children and grandchildren will have no Life to live !

  2. This could force vapers to buy directly from manufacturers. Or, make their own! A disposable sells at our Walmart for between $20-30, from a company taken over by a tobacco company.

  3. Joseph Lynch (poconojo) says:

    You are 100 percent correct. Big tobacco will destroy the ecig business just as they have destroyed so many lives! I have been a vapor for over five years and vaping has saved my life, probably added yrs to my life. The big three have already taken over ecig companies because they see big profits being made.They do not care about saving lives, they only care about money! Beware of corporations and the military industrial complex. The end of America is near.

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